Another amazing Drupalcon has come to an end. Thank you to everyone that made the journey to the beautiful town of Szeged, Hungary. We truly turned this city into DrupalTown! Drupal folks covered every part of the town making it difficult to get away from them but who would want to! The amount of talks, connections, and learning that happened at this conference was amazing. This community is truly awesome!

But we're not stopping! Drupalcon North America has been decided and will happen in the March/April timeframe in the United States. We are not announcing the location or exact dates until the final contracts are signed, but watch for them on the front page! Start saving now!

By the way, did you attend Drupalcon Szeged? Couldn't make it?
Tell us about it in the Drupalcon Szeged 2008 Survey.

Although Drupalcon Szeged may be over and Drupalcon North America isn't for another seven months, that doesn't mean you have to wait to meet your fellow Drupallers. The following camps are occurring around the world in the next several weeks. Find more listed over at

Sept. 6th-7th Victoria Canada DrupalCamp and Beerfest!

Sept. 13th-14th DrupalCamp Los Angeles

Sept. 13th-14th DrupalCamp New York City

Sept. 24th Open Expo Switzerland

Sept. 27th OSSCamp Delhi

Oct. 2nd-3rd DrupalCamp Montreal

Oct. 4th-5th DrupalCamp Paris

Oct. 11th-12th Bay Area Drupal Camp

Oct. 25th T-Dose Netherlands

Nov. 1st-2nd DrupalSouth, Christchurch, New Zealand
Nov. 15th-16th DrupalCamp Copenhagen

Don't see your event here? Please add it to so we can all see it!


JohnForsythe’s picture

Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa!

John Forsythe
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FiReaNGeL’s picture

Really hoping for Montreal or Toronto myself :) But they say in the United States, so I'm not holding my breath

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LCD’s picture

Toronto and Montreal = DrupalTown. But they say in the United States, so I'm not holding my breath (2)

EdgarPE’s picture

Szeged2008 was useful, well organized and fun! I am happy that I was there and meet a lot of Drupal-crazy people. :)
Take care!

RBeast’s picture

I'm crossing fingers...

Tod27’s picture

Last one was really usefull
Must be

socceronly’s picture

Montreal for sure.

Bars are open later and the foooooood....

Ryan Palmer’s picture

Montreal!! Close to the US, and home of the new Drupal 7 branch co-maintainer! Can't think of a better place for the next Drupalcon!

webchick’s picture

Chris Charlton’s picture

Drupalcon North America for the win!

Chris Charlton
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momendo’s picture

Drupalcon in the nation's capitol, Washington, DC! This will get big coverage with the local government IT sector.

modulist’s picture

...not to mention every think tank, NGO, international organization, and the entire Dulles high-tech corridor. Also, it would be easier for Drupal's European contingent than the West coast.

DC gets my vote!



zy’s picture

Sorry to write this, but I can understand why Drupal may not gain popularity as it deserves. Danish site is a visual disaster. RGDS, Lena

caydauxanh’s picture

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) will be good. Thanks for that!

nadavoid’s picture

Hope to go to my first DrupalCon this Spring! Hopefully the scheduling will avoid a conflict with SXSW, at which will hopefully be several Drupal presentations.