Several issues have surfaced recently with the new status page UI that made me start doing research what the different REQUIREMENTS variables are. Below is the current docblock:

 *   - severity: The requirement's result/severity level, one of:
 *     - REQUIREMENT_INFO: For info only.
 *     - REQUIREMENT_OK: The requirement is satisfied.
 *     - REQUIREMENT_WARNING: The requirement failed with a warning.
 *     - REQUIREMENT_ERROR: The requirement failed with an error.

This has lead to a misunderstanding of where these variables should be used, and if these variables are sufficient for the status page. This is very important for the REQUIREMENT_WARNING and REQUIREMENT_ERROR variables, where best practices require that these notices be resolved before a site can launch.

Proposed resolution

TBD - Discuss!

Remaining tasks

Define what each of these requirement notices mean
Decide if there is an area where there are gaps in messaging coverage for these notices
Identify & fix current core modules that contain notices that are miscategorized based on the definitions

User interface changes

If there is an additional notice added to core, we'd need to show it on the status report page. Otherwise, any modules who change their requirement status notices would change on the page.

API changes


Data model changes



japerry created an issue. See original summary.

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See for related info of where config decided to throw a warning.

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