Now the new year has started, it's time for our community to think about the future. It has become a tradition for for years now to predict what the year ahead will bring for us -- so share your thoughts!

It's time to reflect on our previous predictions and start dreaming away for the year ahead. What will the year ahead bring for our community and our product, and how can we make this reality by working together? Share your thoughts and your predictions for 2015 as a comment, and let's look back in a year's time to see how we scored on making those dreams a reality.

Previous predictions: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.


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I reckon we will see the release of Drupal 8.0.0

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Support for Drupal 6 will be dropped.

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The average age of the Drupal community will go up, although I support efforts for more young people to get involved with Drupal.

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Interesting, what makes you say that? You can help us out with if you like or the Drupal Apprentice scheme. Ping me an email if you want to chat more about mentoring or helping to get apprentices hired :)

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It is great seeing the apprentice scheme do so well. Working as part of Code Positive team, I have indirectly helped mentor internal apprentices. We've also had Sheila speak at Drupalcambs to see if we can get support to get something going in Cambridge.

I still think we need a lot more younger people involved in Drupal. My prediction of the average age of Drupalists going up in 2015 was based on my observation over the past 6 years. Something similar that may have happened to the Java community prior to Android.

So the apprentice scheme is great but we as the Drupal community can do more :)

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Metatag 7.x-1.0 was my prediction for 2014, I'm planning on getting to 8.x-1.0 a lot quicker this time around.

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css flexbox will be in drupal theme.

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  1. Drupal 7 still rules.
  2. Drupal 8 will not rule yet, perhaps in the next 16, or so.
  3. Carousels will stick around even though seriously suggested NO!!! since 13. Maybe because some still believe the eyes are easily attracted by something moving like a waving hand. Only not the waving hands of friends, but those of strangers.
  4. Personally foreseeing, my son will have a new girl friend. My daughter will not have a boyfriend yet, most likely not till the next 2-3 years.

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Hi !
Here are my predictions. Those items are so important that someone will fix them.
Whatever the widget you choose to set the value of a geofield field, it will be easy to set its default value. Today, standard widget allow a default value but Leaflet.draw and GeoJSON don't. Fields can be created empty...
Also, the translation system wil work completely, so that when you look for a string to translate or change, you find it.
To make buzz without putting your site at risk, the invite module will come integrated with contact importer and openinvite to feed it and with someting like a captcha to fight spambots.
Memcache and memcached installation will be clearly described.
The database design principles will be easy to find for everyone to understand them.
Happy new year !

Long time Linux user, new to Drupal, trying to get help and help in return.

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waiting for a stable release.

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Contributions from new developers who knew enough to write a solid module, but didn't feel comfortable or have time to review other projects made in 2013 will finally be approved as full projects in 2015. I'm only half joking. The wait for projects already at RBTC for final admin approval without the review "bonus" is currently 42 weeks :(

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If Pere Orga goes on like this there will be no security issues left in Drupal by the end of 2015. Or maybe on the internet as such.

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大陆没封锁 drupal 啊, 不错,加油

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Need more Drupal Campaign to all over world.

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In 2013, I predicted there would be no Drupal 8. I was right.

In 2014, I predicted there would be no Drupal 8. I was right.

In 2015, after some careful thought, I predict that the first Drupal 8 release candidate will be in April and Drupal 8 will be released in May of this year!!

My logic is based upon the Drupal core updates for December 3, 2014 post and the following:

  • there were at that time 110 release-blocking critical issues
  • at the time of writing (23rd January 2014), there are 70 release-blocking critical issues
  • the decrease was averaging 7 per week (27 fixed, vs 20 raised)
  • Drupal 7 RC 1 was released December 1st 2010
  • Drupal 7 was released on January 5th 2011, just over 1 month later
  • following this rate we would reach RC1 in week 14 of this year (end of March, start of April) and Drupal 8 then 5 weeks later in week 19 in May


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1) Drupal 8 will be released
2) For the first time, enterprises may demand test suite + automation test scripts
3) With Drupal 8 release - it will be Mobile First strategy, web next - u will see more Widgets, Mobile Apps working with Drupal sites
4) Drupal Association may show more flexibility and fund module upgrade projects
5) Clients on Drupal 6 and earlier version will start facing huge resource crunch as talent pool will shift to more exciting things in Drupal 8.
6) Seniors may put up Drupal Workers co-operative in a more formal way this year

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Hopefully, I can start using Drupal 8 as soon as in 2016 but all depend on the availability of many supporting modules. Conservatively, Drupal 8 shall start ruling in 2017.’s picture

Woudn't bet on a 2015 D8 release. I think first or second quoter 2016 is a bit more realistic.

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When you ( posted your link, the Drupal Release Date site did indeed put the date as 2016.

As of today (Feb 1, 2015) even they suggest 2015:
Estimated to occur on
December 8, 2015
as of February 1, 2015


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I notice today (15th May 2015) that shows the Drupal 8 release date of July 3rd, 2015! Things are really coming on.

OK, Dries, who should know better than any of us, thinks that even October (DrupalCon Barcelona) is even a challenge:


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More awareness of the inefficiency of fields SQL storage module in Drupal core both 7 and 8.

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Having overtaken Drupal 5 in November 2014 (see this), I predict that in 2015 Drupal 8 will exceed Drupal 6 (but not yet Drupal 7) in terms of number of installs.

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my prediction is that Drupal will become more secure, no more SQL Injections or security vulnerabilities.

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1. Drupalcon Asia would be announced to be held in India. ( Actual event may not happen till early 2016 )
2. Drupal 8 release might coincide with Drupalcon Asia.
3. More corporates & companies will commit to investing in Drupal Community.
4. Drupal Contributions from India, SEA & MENA would significantly increase.

Piyush Poddar

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please fix this, it is bad publicity

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People that use Internet explorer expect websites to look different. They don't know better.

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Almost half of 1.3 billion Chinese are using IE.

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Hmm... Just reading that link.

The number you mentioned is the population of China (at some point after 2013). The link you provided only supplies browser usage and puts IE at 47.62%(Baidu) or 36.63%(CNZZ) depending on the source. I'm guessing the Baidu stat is where you get the "almost half" from.

The article doesn't cite what percentage of the population in China is actually online. According to Internet Live Stats the number that should have been used was 46.03%, or 641,601,070 people.[1]

So with these numbers the actual quantities for IE users in China is closer to 0.3 billion(Baidu) or 0.24 billion(CNZZ) Still large numbers, but not compared to the initial claim.

Regardless, it doesn't invalidate what @erlendoos said. It just gives a quantity to it.

[1] I don't know how reliable Internet Live Stats are but MyWoT have a positive score for it and they ranked high in teh googles.

Drupal Code Monkey

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  1. That's not a prediction.
  2. Given it's only one browser, shouldn't the browser manufacturer be the one to fix it?
  3. ...and my prediction: IE will continue to provide the need for extra code in themes.

Drupal Code Monkey

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Is it true that support for Drupal 6 will be dropped?

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When D8 is released, there will be a small window in which D6 is supported, then support will be dropped.

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-- Drupal 8 release expected at DrupalCon Barcelona
-- Developers start using Drupal 8 for their production sites
-- Module or patch approval/release process will be faster

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As I think, Drupal 8.0.0 may be release in September 2015, because there are very few critical issues are remain to fix.
But Year 2015 is totally dedicated to Drupal 7, because it will take time for developers to understand Drupal 8.