Last updated 26 May 2016.

It sometimes happens that you hit a random test failure, so a test failure which is not related with changes in your patch
but just with random data generated for a test, but hitting some kind of edge cases.

If you hit that you should follow the following guideline:

  • You can see why the test failed by clicking the link for the test results. The link text will looks something like: PHP 5.5 & MySQL 5.5 18,565 pass, 1 fail.
  • Look for an existing issue for the test failure you saw in the Random test failure issue tag. If you find one, mention it in your issue.
  • If you don't find any existing issue for that random failure, create a new separate issue with the "Random test failure" tag and link the result that has the random failure. The link will look something like:
  • Maybe contact the simpletest maintainers which are berdir, alexpott and sun at this point
  • Since the adoption of the new DrupalCI testing infrastructure, retesting patches no longer destroys the previous test result, so you can retest your patch without disrupting the other issue to address the Random failure.