Ok i must be an idiot because i can't find in 6.x the comment configuration page. I can only configure the way that comments look from the content types and that's annoying because i want to change the comment settings for all the content types. Does anyone have any idea where is that comment configuration page ?

I miss the 4.7 admin. Darn it keeps getting harder to find what you want.


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comment settings are "per content type" in D6.

Thus go to administer -> content types
edit the content type/s in question
expand the comment settings menu


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As i said in the original post i know that they are per content type. I was trying to find the general comment config from 4.7/5.0. Thanks for letting me now that there's no general content config on 6.0. Imho it was a bad choice but c'est la vie.
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read through your post too quickly I guess.

you are correct there is no "overall setting for comments" any longer.

Which I happen to think is a great idea, because it allows for different sorting and comment choices on each content type rather then being locked into the same setting for each content type. As such we won't see eye to eye on this new functionality.

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Maybe i'm wrong but afaik you could set individual comment settings in drupal 5.0. If not yea it is a great addition to 6.0 but that general configuration should have remained. Something like pathauto's default if not specified :).
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The only per content type settings for comments in Drupal 5.x was:

Read only

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Not sure this is the best place to post, but it relates to comment admin or config in 6.0. I use Drupal in teaching, and used to be able to put a minimum number of words before a comment would be posted. That seems gone, or I can't find it. Any tips would help. I'm getting lots of short and inadequate answers for the course points involved. Thanks if I'm missing something.

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There is a word minimum for creation of content that can be found under submission form settings when editing or creating a content type, but I've never seen a setting like that for comments.