Unfortunately not all of us could make it to Boston this year. But luckily from what i understand there is a team working on trying to make audio or video recording of every presentation that they can. Being one of those people that couldn't make it, I still need my DrupalCon fix ;-)

I'll start off with the links I have seen on IRC, and I am hoping that others will include any material that they know about also. So to start things off.

mfb posted a link to an audio of the state of Drupal session:

Audio: http://www.archive.org/details/DrupalconBoston2008-TheStateOfDrupal

bendiken posted a link to a video - Here's the video we made for Dries' keynote presentation at Drupalcon Boston 2008, demonstrating where Drupal can go with the Semantic Web. ... all » It includes the original narration, which is perhaps a bit more of a firehose than the narration given by Dries at Drupalcon.

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8487255297768440860


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Many of the items are just placeholders, but it looks like many of the recordings are planned to go here


http://www.PrivacyDigest.com/ News from the Privacy Front (Drupal)
http://www.SunflowerChildren.org/ Helping children around the world ( Drupal)

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Session audio from each of the following four sessions:

  1. Dries Keynote. Pics.
  2. Introducing Acquia, Acquia CEO Jay Batson and Dries. Pics
  3. Moshe Weitzman on the new theme developer tool in the devel module. Pics.
  4. Ryan Szama on Ubercart e-commerce solution. Pics.


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Mosh Weitzman gave a great presentation at DrupalCon in Boston on his new Theme Developer component to the Devel module.

Wasn't working when I tried it... but it's still a start....

Video: http://www.mefeedia.com/entry/moshe-weitzman-slideshow-from-drupalcon-bo...

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Here is a 1.5 minute video clip from Mosh's theme developer tool session. Though its short, you get the feel for his warmth and smarts. I'm the videographer.


I also took the pics from the mefeedia link above. I guess mefeedia just collects content from other sources. The original link to that is at:



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2.5 minute clip of Angie Byron speaking on the Drupal.org redesign panel on Thursday morning. In the clip she discusses four profiles of folks who use Drupal.org.

Clip: http://blip.tv/file/737039
Stills: http://flickr.com/photos/sgluskin/sets/72157604104469261/


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