Given #1498720: [meta] Make the entity storage system handle changes in the entity and field schema definitions base fields and module provided fields in general actually need the same field purge logic as we do have for configurable fields. Thus, we should move that logic from being a field.module provided API for configurable fields to an Entity Field API provided service/API.

Not marking this as critical as we've got the work-a-round of disallowing uninstalling modules providing fields that have data, which #1498720: [meta] Make the entity storage system handle changes in the entity and field schema definitions is about to establish.


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#2338873: Modules providing non-configurable field storage definitions can be uninstalled, leaving orphaned unpurged data is in.

I'm tempted to demote this issue to Normal priority and postpone it to 8.1. I think it can be done while preserving BC. Any reason to keep it as Major and/or give it any attention prior to 8.0?

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I don't see an issue with not doing it for 8.0.x, however doing it is going to cause some API changes:

Probably functions like field_purge_field() etc. are going away and purging related storage methods will move from DynamicallyFieldableEntityStorageInterface to FieldableEntityStorageInterface. Depending how things work out some more changes to those purging related methods might be required also.

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