There is a gapping white space in the middle of's home page. I have an idea how we could use it. (see attachment)

So everyone says Drupal is all about the community, yet the home page doesn't really represent that so much. I was speaking to Vijay ( who was mentioned as on of the people Dries thought was awesome at his keynote in Prague. I asked him how did that make him feel? He said it was very empowering and a huge honour which drove him to do more.

What if the space on the home page was used to champion community heroes, code heroes, celebrate recent camps or even spotlight successful meetups. This could easily inspire many more people to follow suit.

The Drupal Association now have a writer, there is a community spotlight section (, and according to Holly Ross there is a will to generate more spotlight content. To reduce the work load, a form could exist which allows people to be nominated (rather than use issue queues). For me this is not about the know rockstars, it is the future ones, the unknown unsung heroes. The rockstars of the future.

What do you think?


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Hi Paul,

This is an excellent idea. I'm not sure how you would find the people on a regular basis (being on the home page it would need regular attention!) but as a concept I think it's a great plan. Not sure how I can help but let me know.



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It's a great idea! I think if the latest person were on the home page we'd start to get a lot more interest too. Community Spotlight could potentially be random too, but we don't have too many of them.

That being said, having some fresh content like this on the home page might draw be back there more often.

I think this could be a nice sidebar block too, but that should be a separate issue.

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+1000 for this - i wanna see my hero's on the frontpage (above the "sites made with drupal")
and while we add it could we make the frontpage not suck ;)

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Love it :) Maybe this could be handled similar to case studies where people post the content for everyone to see and then request to be featured and that shows up spotlighted.

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Yeah - I really think this is a great idea.

So... what do we need to "Make it so"?

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I'd think it's a matter of making it a priority within the DA or someone in the community coming up with a patch on a sandbox site.

We don't really have a good process for how things get onto

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It would definitely be motivating to see your contribution on the front page of d.o.

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I'd love to see this!

How about [moderated] Youtube channel + random top viewed block?

DA's role could be to help develop some of them more?

[edit] - channel as in where people can upload their own, not sure of the company-specific terminology ;)

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I love this idea. We might use the same process as we do for Case Studies? With reviews and scheduling?

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Yeah wicked idea, lets make it happen

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+1 from me!

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There's also the issue about moving the News section above the fold #1468184: Promote news to above the fold

If we do have the community spotlight on the front page, make sure there's enough on 'stand by' before hand - had the same info on the bottom of their page for about a year and it's just sad.

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Awesome idea! The community is honestly what drew me in.

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If this were to happen, the frequency of those profiles would have to increase.
related: #2203355-7: Make it Easier to Spotlight Community Members & Their Contributions

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The DA has a writer on staff now, and I think... (don't quote me) that the community spotlight is something they are officially helping with - so the frequency issue looks to be in hand to some extent.

So we now have lots of agreement. How do we move this forward to action?

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Saw the blog post and then saw this. Brilliant, Paul!

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We're switching to a model of 6+ community spotlights per year, which comes out to one every other month or so. I'll send a ping to the Association's engineering team about getting this rolling and seeing if we can work this into our content redesign.