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SHA-1: 45b3d69c86c8c202a7305b90df1e29027fa389e8
SHA-256: 0f974afff8c3143cf6a219a1130af65c2978270e1bc1eddc483de820d8e59e4a
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MD5: 665ce32099e5f23c47f47953bb89eec8
SHA-1: 77222212f30495efb9505ce61134b68226037425
SHA-256: 6d11b3f7412d66c60f28290a9ea226317eff24e5a18fe8fa8b9e0f362f5c051a
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/commerce:^1.9'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: rszrama
Created on: 5 Mar 2014 at 23:22 UTC
Last updated: 10 Sep 2014 at 20:01 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

As of this release, Drupal Commerce on depends on Drupal 7.22 or greater for its field_info_field_map() function. Drupal 7.24 and 7.26 were security releases anyways, so upgrading is a Good Idea (TM).

Additionally, this release requires you to run update.php to ensure updated sites retain their existing behavior in relation to a few new features. The update notes will explain what's been added / configured and where to adjust the new settings to improve the usability and performance of your sites. We'll link to relevant blogs / documentation from these release notes as they're written.

Changes since 7.x-1.8 (52 commits):

  • #1417582 by googletorp, pounard: remove an unnecessary dependency on the Contextual Links module from core UI modules.
  • #2140165 by bojanz: always reload the original entity at the start of a save process, even if it already exists due to one save invoking another save; this represents a non-breaking minor API change.
  • #1240216 by rszrama: add an action to support the removal of taxes from a price during product sell price calculation.
  • #2155713 by rszrama: make a better attempt to determine the base table when doing entity access query alteration similar to node's implementation.
  • #1458766 by rszrama: add a new hook_commerce_checkout_order_can_checkout() to allow other modules to determine which orders may proceed to checkout beyond the core check for product line items.
  • Provide an alternate to template_preprocess_entity() that is safe for Commerce's usage of NULL entity_uri() return values.
  • #1809916 follow-up by rszrama: remove explicit version dependencies from .info files.
  • Update failing tests due to the changes in the Example Payment Method module.
  • #1809916 by pjcdawkins, bojanz: remove calls to field_info_fields() in favor of field_info_field_map() and field_info_field() to decrease overall memory usage; this performance improvement means we now require Drupal 7.22 or later.
  • #2151535 follow-up by rszrama: add an update function to preserve the previous behavior of the continual shopping cart refresh with a message instructing administrators on where to change the behavior.
  • #2151535 by mjpa, rszrama: add settings to make the shopping cart frequency and processing mode configurable.
  • #2193929 by rszrama: enable the new checkout completion rule for live sites but disable it for updated sites to avoid affecting existing checkout workflows.
  • #1918978 by rszrama: allow administrators to apply pricing rules to orders from the order edit form.
  • #1645252 by rszrama: allow administrators to trigger checkout completion rules for an order.
  • #2105717 by rszrama: check to ensure a payment method was loaded for an order before creating payment method tokens.
  • Move product ID extraction from the Add to Cart form builder function to its own API function.
  • #1679852 by wamilton: allow Entity Reference fields to use the Add to Cart form display formatter.
  • #2190219 by tstoeckler: fix the copy/paste error in commerce_order_states_reset().
  • #2164575 by rszrama: remove unused functions leftover from the order state / status UI removed before 1.0.
  • #952002 by pcambra, Sutharsan: add translation contexts to tax rate strings.
  • #2144745 by bojanz, rszrama: replace the existing example payment method with a simple example credit card form.
  • #1991224 by rszrama: attach CSS to the cart pane properly to ensure it survives a form rebuild.
  • #2152777 by rszrama: properly wrap elements in the Add to Cart attributes refresh with our necessary div, accounting for pre-existing prefixes and suffixes.
  • #2156205 by recrit: properly store the name of an Add to Cart form's product line item type when only one line item type exists on the site.
  • #2102235 by heddn: update payment method instance loading to work when the enabling Rule's actions includes containers and other non-action children.
  • #2155333 by michfuer: remove unused code from the line item quantity edit field.
  • #2148825 by cspitzlay: pass the expected language code parameter to the currency info alter hook.
  • #2153727 by JulienD: remove unused lines from .info files.
  • #2153473 by acrazyanimal: update the API documentation for hook_commerce_customer_profile_type_info().
  • #2139037 by jsacksick: update the Commerce entity controller to match the Entity API entity controller with respect to the invocation order of rules vs. entity hooks.
  • #2137553 by rszrama, sarvab: add a function to reset the checkout pane static cache.
  • #2152273 by acrazyanimal: fix the argument index for help text on customer profile add pages.
  • #2114873 by facine: remove an unused link in customer profile type help text.
  • #2146917 by znerol: always include the cart CSS when a cart page or block is being served to support page caching with asynchronous block loading / ESI.
  • #2008604 by RedsMK: add support for the Macedonian denar.
  • #2057073 follow-up by rszrama: accommodate a PHP 5.2.x empty() bug in checking for the removal of Views data from the cart context array used to build an Add to Cart form from a product reference field value.
  • #1954204 by rszrama: remove notices in customer profile copying when fields with simplified array structures are processed.
  • #1994060 by vasike: remove unused commented code in Line Item UI.
  • #2049515 by jsacksick: fix notices due to orders saved without hostname values.
  • #2057073 by bojanz: remove Views data from the cart context array when building the Add to Cart form display formatter to prevent unnecessary data being stored in cache_form.
  • #2114081 by facine, rszrama: use a delete access permission check specifically for the order and customer profile delete link Views field handlers.
  • #2044231 by rszrama: add a default disabled rule to update the order created timestamp to the checkout completed timestamp upon checkout completion.
  • #2106115 by BoySherman, catchlight: update the currency formatting for NZD.
  • #2083883 by roball: remove an unused global variable from a checkout form validate handler.
  • #2092799 by jonhattan: allow for comparison against 0.00 in the price comparison condition.
  • #2111477 by facine: fix the hook function name for commerce_customer_query_commerce_customer_profile_access_alter().
  • #2108097 by iKb: prevent an undefined index notice in our hook_i18n_string_list() implementation.
  • #2107599 by jonhattan: fix a hook reference in a function doc block.
  • #2096355 by bendiy: fix a comment for commerce_price_field_attach_update().
  • #2064919 by j0rd: update commerce_cart_user_update() to ensure the hook was invoked at a time when the e-mail address could have been edited.
  • #1976480 by Ollie222, DrMicky, rszrama: add 'is one of' and 'begins with one of' operators to the address component comparison condition.
  • #2059549 by JulienD: remove an unused parameter from a call to commerce_cart_add_to_cart_form_id().


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