Today you may have noticed that 30,000 Developers are committing in Drupal. And it is growing every day, every month and every year in very fast pace.

30,000 developer in

You may overlook this numbers, because we regularly use drupal and sometimes overlook the same thing that we look every day. But now we should be proud to have 30,000 developer in our loveable Drupal community. Even giant companies do not have so many developers. This is one of the reason to use Open Source Software. More Developers means – more creativity, innovations, cutting edge technology, quick security update and help.

I have also edited and updated in Wikipedia - about this achievement.

In November, 2012 I have seen, shown 24,000 (approximately) developers. And now within one year it is 30,000. 6,000 developers has join our forces within one year.

Be proud to be in Drupal.


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It could be great if we could see an updated flow regarding developers which have joined since 2012.

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