If you have been on Drupal.org today, you may have noticed something interesting near the bottom of the page. At some point during the past 24 hours, the millionth user joined Drupal.org!

Drupal.org screenshot

It is tempting to overlook those statistics at the bottom of the page because our eyes tend to skip over what they see repeatedly. But it’s worth taking a moment to think about it. 228 countries. 181 languages. And counting.

As Dries pointed out in his keynote at Prague, more than 1,600 people have contributed to Drupal 8. That's nearly double the number of contributors for Drupal 7!

The Drupal community is truly global and it's always growing, always moving forward, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here's to the next 1 million!


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Thanks to Dries for making Drupal open source! I am at least one in a million who would be unable to afford to use such marvelous software without that gift.

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What a great product!

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Yes, i exactly was monitoring the number of users in drupal.org and after watching the number reached to 1,000,000 and, it made me so happy and i wanted to write something about it but you did it faster :)
I hope the growth speed of the number of users and usage of drupal to be increased with a keen acceleration.

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Truly amazing to see that our community has grown this large.
Also a bit scary to read that 'only' 0.16% of it actually contributes to D8.

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After two years of tears, broken pencils, moments of enlightenment and now actual novice level competency, I am truly glad I became part of the Drupal community. It may be like a cult to some - ha - but for all its many foibles and failings, I would always recommend it to any client as it provides a great foundation that is easy to hand over from one developer to another.

Looking forward to many more years and many thousands more drupal.org members continuing to make it one of the most collaborative and welcoming communities on the web.

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Perhaps now it would be useful to know the breakdown of those users?

-# who have committed code
-# who have posted issues
-# who have contributed patches
-# of developers
-# of accounts which have not been active for 365 days or more

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-# of developers

Already on the homepage, at the moment "29,563 Developers" :) but I'll be glad to see those other stats nonetheless thumbs up!

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Congrats to drupal.org. I really proud to be one in that 1M.

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I was just bragging on the fact that we were near 1,000,000 members, and I am glad we hit it. Proud to be one of the million.

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Love you so much every one in 1M our community. Drupal has given us power to make our dream comes true.

Cong!! to us

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Congratulations! Truly one of the best CMS in the world!

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Kudos everyone!

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Congratulation guys! It's nice to contribute to a system that is moving forward.. :)

- Libak