By now you may have heard of, a project that connects a Drupal-powered front end with the unlimited storage and bandwidth of the Internet Archive. It went live, with some hickups, a little over a week ago, and now has over 9,000 users registered. Marc Canter and JD Lasica are the project founders, and continue to drive it forward.

People new to Drupal have started asking about the codebase associated with Ourmedia, so I'm writing up this short post mainly for them. Bryght helped developed portions of Ourmedia, most notably the glue code to the Internet Archive, funded by Marc Canter's Broadband Mechanics company. James Walker worked with Parker Thompson of the Internet Archive to get this code up and running. That will be made available, although developers will need to make their own arrangements with the Internet Archive.

Aside from that, many of the content modules were developed by Marc's partners in Delhi, Gaurav Bhatnagar and Ashish Kumar. We hope to see them as members of the Drupal community soon. The bulk of Ourmedia code is standard Drupal plus some contributed modules and fancy theme tricks.

Special thanks should also go to Michael Sullivan, Chris Whipple for theme support (especially the custom login code for PHPTemplate), and Stephen Downes for picking up the ball and finishing off the majority of the theme work.

So, if you're reading this because of Drupal, and let's get started.


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Hi! was just added to my favorites!

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..and what a mission! Bigtime kudos to you! The site is nice. I discovered it only last week. Hope to use it soon.

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slightly off-topic, but:

i cannot play any of the video files i selected, neither on mac osx nor linux... and safari keeps crashing as soon as i go to

if multimedia means MS Windows only, then all the unlimited diskspace and bandwith may serve only the greed of those who have already enough of it...

why not open source multimedia? IMHO usability starts with cross platform compatibility.

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The format of all the media content is entirely determined by what the members upload. Robert Scoble, Microsoft's chief blogger, uploaded a Windows Media video of himself touring Seattle. I'll be uploading some AVIs of riding a Segway that came directly off my digital camera.

Right now, all the files depend directly on whatever plugins/players users have installed.

I use Linux and OS X myself. I haven't experienced any crashes myself, but I do know that some people had troubles with Safari and certain Flash files.

Ideally, in the future, the Internet Archive will actually provide transcoding to have media available in multiple different formats.

Hope that helps answer your questions.

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It is a great project and I am looking forward to learn more about the use of Drupal. When I first saw it, I didn't notice at all that it is a Drupal site. I learned about it through the IT Conversations interview wih Marc and JD.

Last week I saw the servers of the European mirror of the Internet Archive. Very impressive. Four 19" racks completely filled with red servers.

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Rockin. This is the most innovative use of Drupal yet.

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I am sorry, but the registration process is a bit confusing. After completed registration I get the message

Your e-mail address and password are incorrect. You will not be allowed to upload media until you have entered valid information.

Maybe you should fix the _user hook of the module that integrates ourmedia to the internet archive or at least make the message less confusing. As it is now, it gives a bad impression of Drupal's capabilites.
If you have troubles with a particular contrib project, please consider filing a support request. Thanks. And, by the way, Drupal 4.6 will support PHP 5.

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Don't be sorry...there are a TON of such instances of real cruftiness. The only part we built was the Ourmedia to Internet Archive connection. The team maintaining it are new to Drupal, and everyone is a volunteer. The entire site is pretty much in alpha, but it was felt necessary to launch.’s picture

Thanks, but I already have my fair share of Drupal related volunteer work. ;-)
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