Hi there!
I will try to install Drupal 7.22 on localhost, but installer give me an error: Drupal already installed!
but it's not true! Drupal was installed before but i removed Drupal's folder and database.
in new folder and new database installer give me this error:
Only local images are allowed.
What i should do?
Many thanks :)


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Are you installing the fresh package of drupal? This may happen if you are using the same drupal package which you have used earlier

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I use this file: "drupal-7.22.tar.gz"
I was installed this more than 1000 times but this error is a new issue!

Let's check again:
I had a Drupal in localhost
Then i removed Drupal folder and database
Then i extract drupal-7.22.tar.gz in www folder
Then create a database
Then give that error
Then i change folder name and db name
Then i clear the browser cache
Then i restart apache service
Then i reboot Ubuntu (my OS)
After any level that problem was stay! :|

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drop, not just empty, the whole Database tables.

Also be sure that the settings.php is a copy of the default

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After all the problem was stay!
but i installed Drupal in another way: Replacing by and installtion was successful :)
thank's :)

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Sounds like a weird cache problem

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I'm having a similar problem. So Thanks!