As per the Drupal 8 release schedule , this is right time to start porting this great module.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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submitting patch

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Status: Needs review » Needs work
+++ b/advanced_help.module
@@ -501,6 +416,20 @@ function advanced_help_topic_page($module, $topic) {
+ * Implements hook_init().
+ *
+ * We need to exclude overlay js files for all page request in popup
+ */
+function advanced_help_init() {
+  $request = drupal_container()->get('request');
+  $popup = $request->query->get('popup');
+  $popup = isset($popup) && user_access('view advanced help popup');	if($popup) {
+	  overlay_set_mode('none');
+	}

hook_init has been removed, see:

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complemented text

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Not only is hook_init gone, but so is overlay, so you can just remove that whole function without causing any problems :)

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I`d like to help you with porting oh this module to Drupal 8.
Is it still actual?

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Assigned: monika3517 » Unassigned

@gilmord (and others interested in creating a version of ADvanced Help for Drupal 8:

I've just signed on as maintainer for this module, and I would love to see someone working on a Drupal 8 version.

Unless you have a CV that shows some experience with Drupal, I would like to see some code before assigning co-maintainership with responsibility to oversee development for Drupal 8. The best way is probably to create a sandbox with an initial Drupal 8 version (i.e. not only a stub). I'll review the sandbox and if looks OK, I'll assign co-maintainership.

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 8.x-1.x-dev

Setting correct version.

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I want to take a stab at this, I will create a sandbox and let you know when I have something usable.

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great! Let me know when you have something reviewable.

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Hi @gisle.

You can check my progress here:

So far the module can be installed and it has a basic functionality.

There are still a ton of things to do a few of them are:

  • Using YML files instead of the ini files (well, In my version I use arrays because it was more easy to implement/parse and I wasn't sure to spent time parsing the ini files if we can use YAML files, I can use YAML or the old INI files I just want your feedback first.
  • Implement the code to make translatable the documentation.
  • Create the database table
  • Create a icon for the menu.
  • Some titles are missing

I will continue working on this, and I will be commenting here my progress.

  • gisle committed 02491c0 on 8.x-1.x authored by gnuget
    Issue #1928218 by gnuget: Initial version of upgrade to Drupal 8
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Category: Feature request » Task

great job!

I've added the code in your sandbox to the repo and made you a co-maintainer of the project. You should now be able to push to the regular Advanced help repo.

I can use YAML or the old INI files I just want your feedback first.

I think that to keep to the "spirit" of Drupal 8, we should use YAML within Advanced help as well.

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Great, I will push my changes in the regular repo now.


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This is great news muchas gracias @gnuget!

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Create a icon for the menu.

@gnuget, what do you think of this one? #2492565: Why clutter the admin menu? Move Advanced Help under Help

I am travelling just now, so I won't have time to take a proper look at it until later, but I am leaning towards positive. If we move it, no separate icon for Advanced help will be needed.

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Sadly even if we move it, we will need a separate icon, because the default menu can't have submenus. :(

But the idea is good because Administration menu is very popular, and a lot of users use it.

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Now the module is functional, it works and the only change is we need to use the YML files instead of the INI files.

I just wanted give you an update of the status of this because the next week I will be traveling so I will not have much time to work on this until I come back (I come back in June 8).

The are still some things missing:

  • The integration with the markdown module is not done
  • We need tests.
  • I haven't tested with a different language but it should works.
  • The search integration
  • Port the patch of the issue 2492565 to this branch.
  • There is still not possible to use a custom CSS for the doc pages.
  • Cache.

If someone of you want to work in something specific of the things above, feel free to create an issue.


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Just for information, you can do the following in the "AdvancedHelpController"

Replace all instances of l() and t() with the following:

$this->l() & $this->t()

See this article for an explanation why this is good.

A Peek at Traits in Drupal 8

Also I have locally changed the following section of code around handling "Markdown" files.

      // @todo check the status of the markdown filter module for D8.
      if (isset($info['readme file']) && $info['readme file']) {
        $ext = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
        $url = new Url('');
        $readme = '';
        if ('md' == $ext) {
          $readme .=
            '<p>' .
            t('If you install the !module module, the text below will be filtered by the module, producing rich text.',
                '!module' => $this->l($this->t('Markdown filter'),
                  array('attributes' => array('title' => $this->t('Link to project.'))))
              )) . '</p>';

        $readme .=
          '<div class="advanced-help-topic"><pre class="readme">' . SafeMarkup::checkPlain($output) . '</pre></div>';
        $output = $readme;
        return $output;

Still not working for .md files, but I think this is an improvement. Issue may be with Markdown module or Libraries module.

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Hi @mbrett5062

Thanks for the link related with the t() and l() functions, I've changed the code accordingly in my last commit.

Also I added support for the files.

I will continue working on this.


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Status: Needs work » Fixed

I'm going to close this issue because the branch now exists and we can report further issues directly in the issue queue.


Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.