I found many issues for "addind metatags for page display of views". But didn't found any for: displaying metatags as fields in Views.

I have administration view (table):
VBO-content | Nid | Title | Author | Published | Created | edit link

How to add there some Metatag as column?
I need display it and filter by it to easily find non-tagged nodes.

Or am i blind? Spent about 2 hours of trying.

Edit: A sandbox implementation can be found here: metatag_views_field.
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Ok, now i found it as mostly impossible.
Hm, storing metatgs as serialized array is maybe good for performance, but a hell for working with that programatically and SQL...

I will let it open if someone has some proposal.

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1.12 KB

First workaround attached.
Only thing it does is showing full serialized data as string, filter as normal views string.
Works only with nodes at this time.

I expect i will create more views handlers in future with unserialize data and also more entity_types support (at least taxonomy_term).

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Are you trying to do something like the following? I'm not exactly sure how we could support filtering on serialized data.

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Yes i am trying something like this. At the moment great result for me is: have metatags / dont have metatags.

I used this PHP field:

if(strlen($row->data)) {
  $arr = unserialize($row->data);
if(is_array($arr)) {
  foreach($arr as $delta => $tag) {
    if($delta == 'robots') {
     print '<strong>' . $delta . '</strong>:<br />';
     foreach($tag['value'] as $d => $t) {
       print '- ' . $d . ': ' . $t . '<br />';
    } else {
      print '<strong>' . $delta . '</strong>: ' . $tag['value'] . '<br />';

Not ideal but better than nothing.

We are finishing website and 2 people working on metatags - i dont have any other idea how to help them with searching content without tags.

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Title: Views support » Expose meta tag data as a Views field

Clarified the title.

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I ran into this just now and thought I'd share an easy workaround using computed_field. We wanted to filter by (not display) metatag keywords in a Views search, so that people can type "schools" and see a result for "Education", and staff don't have to double-handle keywords.

  • On the content type, add a computed_field field named 'field_keywords' with text storage
  • On the content type, set display of the field to off (I only want it to produce results in search, don't do this if you want to display metatag values)
  • On the view, add display fields for the fields you want to filter against (title, body, keywords for me), setting Exclude from display
  • Also on the view, add a combine fields filter for the fields you want to filter by
  • Function to store the field is defined in custom module - see below
 * Compute value for field_keywords, so we can use the result as a
 * filter result in views.
 * Metatag module stores as serialized data, which makes keyword
 * filtering hard. Ref d.o #1906578.
function computed_field_field_keywords_compute(&$entity_field, $entity_type, $entity, $field, $instance, $langcode, $items) {
  if (isset($entity->metatags['keywords']['value'])) {
    // split comma,separated,words to plain words (maybe redundant?)
    $entity_field[0]['value'] = str_replace(',', ' ', $entity->metatags['keywords']['value']);
  else {
    $entity_field[0]['value'] = NULL;

EDIT: Code updated to include else block, otherwise your computed result won't clear if you zap the stored metatags for a node.

Because I wanted this specific filter result, I didn't check until after doing this if Metatag implemented hook_node_search_result() to produce keyword match results. Looks like it doesn't (#1368298: Index metatags for core search at time of writing).

You could easily build on the above to obtain displayable Metatag results. Sure, you're duplicating data in the DB, but consider it a cached display or search query table and that shouldn't keep you awake.

I've only tested this for about five minutes, I'll let you know if it's a wreck :)

Note that if the keywords value in your Metatags fields is empty, nothing will be stored - I expect this solution will only display *custom* keywords per-node, not site-wide keywords.

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For someone who will face same problem (show metatags as field, like title or nid)

1) Install & Enable Views PHP module
2) Go to your view and add Node Id as field
3) Add field Global -> PHP code
4) Add this as output code

For keywords:

$metkey = $result->metatags['und']['keywords']['value'];
print ( $metkey);

For description

$metkey = $result->metatags['und']['description']['value'];
print ( $metkey);

And that's it! Hope it will help you to spend 2-3 hours of your life better ;)

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there should not be:




and yes, you are totally killing performance by using node_load() on all rows.

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karlos007 ,

yes, you're right.
Better idea?

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Title: Expose meta tag data as a Views field » Expose meta tag data as a Views field [SOLVED]
2.4 KB

Thanks a lot, I have developped a little module inspired by #2.

See attached file


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@mgerbault: That's an excellent start, thank you! Would you mind if we take what you wrote and expand upon it with the goal of adding it to the main Metatag module?

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@DamienMcKenna , yes if you want.
I need my module for a site where I use Metatag module ans sub-modules.

I suppose you can add meta keyword ...


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I don't know that I would call this one solved. In my testing, the module from number 10 did not work for views displaying taxonomy terms. It seems to be specifically for nodes.

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Title: Expose meta tag data as a Views field [SOLVED] » Expose meta tag data as a Views field (sandbox)
Issue summary: View changes

@cameronbprince: The initial request was to provide integration for nodes - in that regard the solution in #10 will probably work.

But I think we can all agree that we should aim for a full integration. I started a new sandbox and claimed the name "metatag_views_field" since mgerbault didn't create a sandbox of his own.
The basic idea is outlined in the description. I've also created issues for each 1.0 step to help in planning. I haven't looked much under metatag's hood yet, so any input on the provided issues is appreciated.

Version 1.0 (and probably also 1.1) are requirements for a current project, so expect results in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Component: Code » Views integration
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#7 helped me a lot! thanks for that Paradoxetion!

To fix all the error codes gotten, I implemented an isset() check:

	$keywordsSet = isset($result->metatags['und']['keywords']['value']);
	if ($keywordsSet) {
		$metkey = $result->metatags['und']['keywords']['value'];
		print ( $metkey);

Hope this helps others! Still would be cool to use the module described here though!

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Will this submodule be a part of metatags?

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Status: Active » Needs work

@dillix: Potentially. First off, it needs to be rolled as a patch.

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Issue summary: View changes

@dillix, @DamienMcKenna: I'd like to keep metatag_views_field a separate project until it gets a green light for the 1.0 milestone. Otherwise we'll have to cope with large patches and lots of interdiffs.

The main problem left (for which I haven't created an issue yet) is multiple languages: hook_views_data joins don't allow to define joins on multiple fields, which is why I initially forced LANGUAGE_NEUTRAL. The best approach would probably be to use the field language selected for the view (views_handler_field_field is not the easiest handler around though - might be difficult to identify and port the relevant parts).

As for filtering and sorting: I'd strongly recommend to postpone those features, as I don't see a way yet to implement them without maintaining an additional index table for all metatag values.

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I need this module you are doing for a project in which I need to create taxonomy terms with the metatags already filled in the articles.
I think this is the best way.
First with views I get the metatags and I can export them with views_data_export in a csv file and then import it with feeds.
The problem is that when using your module in the sandbox I get a WSOD (blank page).
Do you know Why is is happening?
Are you planning to create a usable release? It would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much, ciss, after following the issue you pointied me, I used the module in this issue and was able to show the metatag description in views. After that I changed in the module description for keywords and was able to show the keywords in views.
Problem solved!

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@ciss, how to use your submodule with different language?

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@dillix: Not yet implemented, as far as I recall. You'd need to patch the handler to respect the field language set for the view.

Edit: Patches welcome. :)

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Thank all but I installed the module metatag_views_field (# 10) but does not work for views of taxonomy.

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Title: Expose meta tag data as a Views field (sandbox) » Add views field support for metatag
Status: Needs work » Needs review
4.24 KB

Here's a patch that provides the metatag_views_field submodule to exposed metatag values to views fields!

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Title: Add views field support for metatag » Expose meta tag data as a Views field
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Thanks andyg5000!

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Great news! I'm waiting for commit;)

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I installed #10's module and then applied #26's patch. After setting up the view, everything seemed to work nicely except for the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: description in views_handler_field_node_metatag->render() (line 41 of /Users/jelepo/Documents/mydrupalsite/sites/all/modules/metatag_views_field/views_handler_field_node_metatag.inc).

I resolved the error by using isset() to check if the index exists before accessing it (read on stackoverflow). Just update line 41 to:

$rendered_value = isset($data[$this->options['data_key']]['value']) ? $data[$this->options['data_key']]['value'] : '';

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Hey @jpoeng,

You should only be applying the patch in #26, not using the zip file module in #10. It sounds like the notice you're reporting is from the #10 module and that the patch was never applied. Can you try to reconfigure everything with just the current -dev of this module + #26 patch and report back?

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Issue tags: +Ah thanks

@andyg5000: Thanks for the clarification. I applied #21's patch to the module and it's working now.

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Issue tags: -Ah thanks
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#26 works great for me.
It would be a great addition if metatag data would be available to views filters too. That way it's possible to filter results based on missing meta tags, meta descriptions that are too long, titles too short, etc.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Could this be expanded to cover other entity types too, e.g. terms, users, etc? Shouldn't it just be a case of adding more items to the $data['metatag']['table']['join'] array in metatag_views_field_views_data()?

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Does this patch still work on the current dev/release? I tried both dev and release, and while I can add the fields in my view, there is no content showing. I do have manually entered page titles and descriptions so it shouldn't be a token related problem.

Views fields would really be convenient, but as an alternative is there any other way to export/import/work with meta titles and descriptions until this feature is finished?

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@ericwenger: That'll be tricky to do as the final meta tags aren't actually generated until the entity is rendered, the values aren't started in a table somewhere.

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So...basically the only way to edit meta tags are via the node edit forms? Even with hundreds of nodes?

I have used Feeds to import lots of meta tags (which is great), and if I could find a way to export the meta tags back out, then the SEO guys could rework as they wish and I could re-import. But some meta tags have been edited via the node edit forms already so I need to do an export vs using my previous data import files...so how can I get that info back out without visiting each individual node?

The view field would fit the bill since I would simply create a view(s) to collect my data from. Just wanted to be clear that I'm not trying to hijack this thread for another purpose...I did come looking for the views field. ;-) But we can move this conversation somewhere else if you feel it should be.

Thanks Damien!

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@ericwenger: This Views integration was never intended to be for editing records, it's purely for reporting/exporting purposes.

If you need to do bulk editing of meta tags it might be easier to add text fields to the content type, use tokens to control what's output as the different tags, and then use existing solutions to import/export the field data.

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155.13 KB

Yes, I understand that. What I was trying to say is after adding the patch in #26, I'm now trying to create a view to show my meta data. I can add the meta title and meta description fields to the view (that part works as expected), but those fields in every row (node) in the view is blank. Does that make sense? Screen shots attached.

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Issue tags: +Needs tests

Ok, I follow, thanks for the clarification.

I guess this needs tests to make sure the functionality works as intended.

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Added some fixes to #26. This should fix #40

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Status: Needs work » Needs review

Thanks @nsk_ua. Lets see what the testbot says about it.

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Trying to use this with a commerce catalog, and receiving the error:

Notice: Undefined index: value in views_join->build_join() (line 1576 of /home/user/public_html/sites/all/modules/views/includes/handlers.inc).

When adding to the "Parent Terms" view, I received the error:

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'metatag.entity_type' in 'on clause'

I'm guessing things haven't been setup yet for taxonomy terms?

The idea, is to use the view to output the catalog term metatag values from the field, as entered on the term page. The plan was to exclude the field, then use them with the (newly added) #2143979: Allow Views meta tags to "Use replacement tokens from the first row" to output the terms meta description for the requested page.

I'll note that I like the setup of the field. Very straight forward.

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@ciss : https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/ciss/2228751 - This was very helpful for me to add meta title & meta description as fields for RSS feed view! Many thanks

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The patch in #42 is working for fields. Thank you. As op said, I need to be able to filter by metatag also. Can't do that as far as I can tell. Is there a way to at least sort a table by metatag field?