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I've been using Drupal since April 2007 after testing a few other CMS packages, and haven't looked back. I am NOT a programmer. I feel as though I don't know the first thing about programming except that it's a pain in the butt. I'm also not a graphics person. I can cobble some graphics together here and there, but I'm no good at designing stuff. I'm also not a database guru. I don't know the first thing about a database other than it holds all of my Drupal information. I can go into myPHPAdmin and edit a table here and there, but outside if that, I won't touch a database. I'm also not a server administrator. I know how to spend countless hours on Google searching for the thing that's causing my error, then copying and pasting the suggested fix to see if it works, but outside of that, I really kinda suck at properly maintaining a server.

So what CAN I do? I am one of those people who can install Drupal on server that has been wonderfully setup by my host provider, then proceed to install lots of excellent modules that have been generously designed by lots of programmers within the community (because I can't program), and making that Drupal install do what I want it to do within the limitations of Drupal and it's contributed modules.

I went to a Drupal conference and heard a lot of the speakers mention "20% programmers, 80% users" when talking about Drupalers. I usually feel like it's the other way around though... that I am in the 20% user category and everyone else is a programmer. Regardless, I feel like I am a walking testament to the fact that a person who knows very little to absolutely nothing about programming, servers, databases or graphic design, is able to maintain a modest handful of Drupal websites.

The only other thing I'm probably good at is being an Idea Guy. Not that I always have the greatest Ideas, but I have a lot of them. If I see a problem, I come up with all sorts of ideas on how to get around or fix the problem. Some of them work, others never get implemented but I feel like the ideas I muster up aren't just thoughts, they are played out ways of doing something the right way. They're my ideas so I can be biased, right?


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