See attached. I am sure this is the source of quite a few mysterious fails. When debugging my update bug sometimes, rarely, it passes, but mostly it failes. I am sure it's sometimes the other way 'round.

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We have DependencyHookInvocationTest.php to test the order is correct, is it possible that we have a circular dependency?

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Modules implementing hook_update_dependencies().


All of these are concerned with getting the users_data sorted so there is no reason why user.module updates should come before the system.module ones

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DependencyHookInvocationTest only tests when dependencies are enabled. The order does seem to be the same all the time but when it looks like I won't trust it...

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Title:Random test failures: Updates are run in no particular order» Updates are run in no particular order
Priority:Critical» Normal
Issue tags:+Random test failure

As discussed with @chx, changing the priority of this to normal.

I haven't seen random upgrade path test failures like we used to have frequently in quite a while and while this does look strange, it is IMHO neither critical nor major until we have proof that this actually causes problems with the upgrade path.