Status message

Founded in 2001, Makina Corpus helps its customers make the most of Open Source technologies. Headquartered in Toulouse and Nantes (France), the company has a staff of 40 based in France and Tunisia.

As part of its open-source only policy, Makina Corpus' developers work every day with Drupal. While offering services to create, manage, and put up Drupal websites, we also contribute and translate Drupal modules on a regular basis. During our trainings to our clients and other developers, we promote contributing back to the community by reporting bugs and translate Drupal projects.

Makina Corpus is involved in promoting and actively contributing to Open Source software thus keeping up-to-date on new technologies and guaranteeing the respect of technical standards. As such, our developers are allowed and encouraged to work on Drupal projects they maintain on their work time.

Drupal contributions

Contributions to core

Sebastien Corbin alias "sebcorbin" : administrator, libraries handling and work towards getting Assetic in D8.

Pierre Rineau "alias pounard" : Working with core since 2007, starting contribution arround 2009, did various patches including significant work with the cache system, lots of patch review, and this year occasional brainstorming with the WSCCI team for Drupal 8.

Contributions to projects

Various other projects were maintained in the past, we co-maintained Simplenews for a year or so.
Several contributions to DrupalCommerce (core and contrib) as well as Domain Access from several members of the team, a lot of patches to a whole range of modules (LDAP, OG, Leaflet, Migrate, ...).


Simon Georges alias "saisai" and SebCorbin are two of the translation team coordinators, and both are in the top 10 of French translators, as well as in the Top 10 Karma possessors on Drupal french IRC channel.

Pounard occasionally give support in the french and english official channels, but mostly hangs out in core development channel and participate to ponctual technical talks.

Contributions to the community

We co-organized DrupalCamp Nantes (France, January 2011), ran Drupalcamp Toulouse (France, November 2011) and were a silver sponsor of Drupalcon London (August 2011). We host regular meetups in Nantes and Toulouse (France). We have sponsored every Drupalcamp in France for several years now.

Projects supported

CKEditor frame, CDM-FR, PLY NXS Viewer, µSync, WebDriver API, Scald: Views, Media Mover: Dailymotion Cloud, Forum Export, Commerce Immediate Login, Commerce Paybox, Views Slideshow Configurable Controls, Redis, Views UI: Edit Basic Settings, NodeSymlinks, Publish Content, Simplenews, Front Page

Credited on 2 issues fixed in the past 3 months


A Drupal player since 2006, Makina Corpus provides training in every aspect of Drupal work: content creation, site building, module integration, development and theming.

Training sessions are conducted by active Drupal developers sharing their real-world experience, they can be organized either at Makina Corpus' or in a location choosen by the client.

Format is flexible, ranging from one-day introductory course to week-long ad hoc workshops.