How do I check if a user is logged in or not using php

Looking for an If/Else statement so I can display one link if a user is logged in and another if they arent.

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Oh figured it out!

global $user;
if ($user->uid) {
    Print "This message is only visible for logged-in users.";
if (!$user->uid) {
    Print "This message is only visible for not-logged-in users.";
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thank you for posting this... found it 1+ year after you posted.

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Real simple!


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Thanks for this! Simple solution to someone starting out seeing how PHP is integrated with Drupal.

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I would STRONGLY advise against the global $user.
Prefer rather $GLOBALS['user'] instead, it is much more secure.

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You might want to throw up an example snippet.

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 	if ($GLOBALS['user']->uid==0 || in_array('somerole', $GLOBALS['user']->roles)) { 

This way, only authenticated users can access whatever you want them to with a secure variable.

Imagine some developer wants to alter your own code (where you already set $user).
The dude is going to add his own code below and, like you already did, he is going to need the $user object and (like you did!) call the bastard $user. And BOOM, the man got access to all of the previous $user rights and permissions...

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Why would $GLOBALS['user'] be

"much more secure"

than using global $user?

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By definition, using "global $user" is equivalent to $GLOBALS['user'] since they both point to the same memory space. Updating one will update the other at the same time. See

If I had to recommend one over the other, I would highly recommend "global $user" as it has better readability. Besides that, PHP 5.4 is making changes to how the $GLOBALS[] array behaves and I suspect this is just the start of such changes. I would not be surprised to see the array deprecated at some point.

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The simplest way is to use user_is_logged_in() function!

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if(user_is_logged_in()){ print "Logged In"; }