Does anyone know of a help desk/support ticket type sytem module for Drupal? I have not found any on this site and I do not see any projects in the work. Is there a way to use an existing node type for this type of function?



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Looks like there is not much out there other than basic PHP Sourceforge apps.

I saw some posts here that talked about this very thing that might help you: [OneorZero Helpdesk] [HelpDesk Module] [Scroll to the Web Forms section]

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I'm playing around with a free open source solution called osTicket ( that I just added to my web site today at (if the link is broken it's because I decided to stop using it or moved it to another URL).

My web hosting company offers osTicket through its control panel and Fantastico, so it was a breeze to set up with just a couple of clicks. :)

osTicket seems to do what I need which is to basically track general, technical, and billing questions (I can add whatever categories I desire, edit them, delete them, etc.).

I definitely see the need for a Drupal module that could replicate the osTicket functionality. Until such a Drupal module exists, I'll probably just go with the stand-alone osTicket as I don't really see anything in Drupal that currently does this...although I could be wrong. The disadvantage of osTicket is that it's one more thing for a user to keep track of and, more critically, one more system that I, as my site's webmaster, have to set up. After all, osTicket is, in fact, a completely different system from Drupal.

I hope a Drupal developer looks at osTicket and says, "WOW! I definitely see the need for a new Drupal module that does what osTicket does and I could do it!" :)

I hope that helps.


From osTicket: "Short description: A Support Tickets system featuring email piping, pop3 login, unlimited email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, avoid autoresponder loops, limit maximun tickets user can have opened, accept attachments and limit size, pager alerts for admin."

osTicket allows you to seamlessly integrates all tickets created via email and web-based form with the web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests. With many features and more to come, download your copy today!
Basic features:
Supports aliases with perl gateway
Supports pop3 login with optional crontab.
Uses Perl gateway, PHP backend, and MySQL database
Handles unlimited emails
Admin/Supporter/User panels
Email Intervals to prevent autoresponder loops
Max Allowed to limit maximum tickets user can have opened
Filters to remove messages in replies
Accept attachments and limit size

Administration Features:
Completely delete tickets from database
Create categories (departments)
Create Represenatives (Supporters)
Define groups
Edit or disable response messages
Email alerts compatible with pagers
and much more...

Supporter Features
View only tickets in departments you have access to
Can not delete tickets

User Features
Login with email and any ticket # assigned to you
View all tickets sent from that email
and much more...

(Walt's note: osTicket really should allow a user to login optionally with email and password instead of ONLY email and ticket # because if they don't have the ticket # handy as often happens when the email containing it is deleted, they're out of luck!)

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Thanks for the info Walt!

A friend also pointed me to osticket a week or so ago. I have been playing with it locally on my ibook for the past week and like it. It has a clean design and great features. I am also in the same boat.. the lack of username/password for authentication is very strange. I am looking at hacking osticket to user the drupal username/password or to sigle sign on when the site notices that there is a logged in Drupal user/session. The other option that I am considering is to list the features I like from osticket and start a new module project for Drupal. I am committed enough to Drupal where that makes sense for me.

OSticket is by far the niceset ticket system (open source) that I have seen to date.


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...Though I suppose you could right a Drupal module for this! I'm interested in a system that will track problems by user and machine - many of the users we support in our corporate environment have more then one machine. Being able to find trends per machine model is invaluable for problems outside the OS or application...

Has anyone seen an OS system with this feature?

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IRM is an excellent free help desk/asset tracking program. I've setup a demo on my laptop and it looks like it will work great for our needs at work. Take a look.

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Thanks for the info on IRM. It looks interesting and I will investigate more this evening.

I also noticed that version 2.0 of OSticket will probably support login via username/password. If that is the case, it may be easier to integrate with Druapal's user db.

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I've used flexinode to create a "issue ticket" type node with various fields like severity, priority, project, etc. Its a very basic solution. Also, you might want to look at the project.module, its a useable ticket tracking system, but its geared for software development and is kinda clunky for other uses.

What would people like from a drupal ticket system?

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I would love to use Drupal....but I use XOOPS because of a great project called xHELP. I used this help desk in a school environment and it was great...their .75 version will have custom fields.

So to answer your question...a port of (if possible) xHelp for Drupal
Its PHP & mysql..


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Has anyone else looked into this? I could try knocking something out but I have not been with drupal too long. I need a project to keep me busy. What would people be looking for in Help Desk module?

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Hi Gazelle,

Thank you for your interest and willingness to get involved on this.

I definitely see the need for a Drupal Help Desk module that could replicate the osTicket functionality ( and allow me to track general, technical, and billing questions, but also allow me to add whatever other categories I desire, edit them, delete them, etc. Please note that osTicket 2.0 is coming out soon, and it's supposed to be quite a bit improved. Please see for details and ideas.

In order to not recreate the wheel, I'm going to answer your questions by simply copying and pasting some of the osTicket functionality that I, as a non-technical person, would like to see work in a new Drupal Help Desk module. I'm going to leave out anything technical I have no clue as to what it is, e.g. "email piping." All I know about piping is that it's used to get water to and from my house!!! ;) Please note that ALL the info, including technical "wish list" items I'm leaving out, are included in the posts above, with more at the osTicket web site. :)

I hope that someone with a technical background will add technical "wish list" items he/she deems to be:
a. critical
b. important
c. helpful
d. desired

I hope this helps, and thank you again,

Here goes:

Short description: A Support Tickets system featuring unlimited email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, avoid autoresponder loops, limit maximun tickets user can have opened, accept attachments and limit size, pager/cell phone alerts for admin notification.

Seamlessly integrate all tickets created via email and web-based form with the web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests.

Basic features:
Handles unlimited emails
Admin/Supporter/User panels
Email Intervals to prevent autoresponder loops
Max Allowed to limit maximum tickets user can have opened
Accept attachments and limit size

Administration Features:
Completely delete tickets from database
Create categories (departments)
Create Representatives (Supporters)
Define groups
Edit or disable response messages
Email alerts compatible with pagers

Supporter Features:
View only tickets in departments you have access to
Can not delete tickets

User Features:
Login with email and password
View all tickets sent from that email

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I will install OSticket and give it a try out. I try and begin a design asap.

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Typical I try to install something on my hosting and the server is down.

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Has anyone looked at OTRS? (

We are using OTRS as our helpdesk system, and would be interested in anyone else doing development here. Currently developing a couple of pages and we will have some code to share as well if anyone is interested.

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Does anyone know if anyone is working on a helpdesk module?

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I've searching the web for a helpdesk system module for Drupal for have not been able to find anything.

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Please see my comment at


Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
President, Wellness Corps, LLC
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Hi All, I just came across this post and I too am interested in a Open Source support/helpdesk.
Though, I haven't installed and used OSticket I understand it's perhaps one of the best OS choices. However, I am looking to get an update if anyone has been successful integrating it into drupal and what's been the experience pros/cons...

Also, ideally I'd like to see a similar OSticket type module in drupal. I see that user "Shrop" and perhaps others express interested in such a drupal module. I'd like to get a poll on anyone who would be interested in such a module for drupal. Any drupal programmers on the list who can comment on what it would take to develop this?

I think drupal has the perfect framework to achieve this and probably could offer more.


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Collabtive seems to be pretty amazing on their demo. Having a little trouble installing it though its web installer since I only get a white page of death.
But dont let that stop you :) the demo is amazing. (like free basecampish)

edit: ok the white screen was because of the wrong php (needs php5x)
but there are a few bugs like with the login system.

would like to see a module that could integrate this app with single login

My Site


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I to am interested in this, like most people i did a quick google search for "open source helpdesk" and found a few options, but after a while i found none did EXACTLY what i wanted, so i started thinking about creating a Drupal system to do it. By doing it in Drupal you can customize a system your already familiar with (probably without touching any code).

A bit of digging turned up which looks interesting, but i think most of this can probably be done in a more modular way. As i see it there are a few key parts to a help desk system :

Email -> Issue creation
Email <--> issue comments/reply
Issue status and classification
Issue escalation
FAQ/Knowledge base
Time tracking
Control panels for clients, 1st line, 2nd line
Automated reports / billing ?

Thinking about it, i've looked at the following modules as a way to get it all to work.

Email integration with
Issue escalation and help with control panels via the workflow series ( and friends) and taxonomy
Wiki ( with
Time tracking CCK + workflow.
Control panels with Views

Could make for an interesting project/install profile.

What do people think, and modules i've missed, cool ideas, required features etc...



EDIT : also just found and which could be useful.

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First post was 2005 and the last post was last week it seems. I didn't see anything so, I will attempt to integrate osTicket into one of my Drupal sites and report back what I have seen in it's use.

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I have not seen a better Help Desk/ Support System than Kayako Support Suite.

It would be nice to use this as a model for a module, not because the complementary functions like calendar, contacts, etc, but for the robust core ticketing system itself.

I wish I could do something like this, but I don't know how to code it.

Drupal Theming at

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I have tried out case tracker (which is super cool) but I think its way to complicated for most users. I was thinking of a possible helpdesk solution for a client that would be very basic, but useable.

1) Create a "trouble ticket" node with CCK. Use whatever fields you want (problem, screenshot image, url of problem, time, etc.)
2) Have this node type automatically email to admin
3) Admin/support views the node and can leave a comment with questions, the solution or whatever
4) System emails update to user
5) Repeat until solved
6) Admin/support marks ticket "closed" (or unpublished, or whatever)

Using views, you could easily add a tab to the user profile for "Support" which can list all of the tickets associated with this user... or display it any other way you like. This same system could work for organizing work to be done on the site, updates, feature requests, etc. This could even become a searchable knowledgebase or at least help to keep the FAQ up to date.

Of course, it might be alot simpler to use a forum, but this basic approach would lend itself to more customization.

Ron Northcutt
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Custom Drupal Websites

Ron Northcutt
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We've been using Case Tracker for a while and it's great.
In fact we've installed Open Atrium (which is based on Drupal) and it's a great Intranet solution for our company.

We even have timers activated to track time on tasks.
I can recommend Open Atrium + Case Tracker for a great ticketing system for the work behind the courtines.

If you plan to give access to your customers, then osTicket would be a good choice. We have used Mantis for a long time and it works perfectly fine.

I hope this helps.

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I've been using the Jobtrack module, which was renamed Support.

This is perfect for a wide range of uses for support tickets, and has Views integration (still in dev but it works).

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Another vote in support of the Support Ticket System module! It is great and we use it daily.

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not installed it yet, but jobtrack is looking like a step in the right direction !

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We are planning to have Drupal for on of our web portal and currently we use Vision Helpdesk

How does the integration works?

Can we have Vision Helpdesk integrated with Drupal? If yes - let us know details on how to.

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Hi all i have been trying to use support ticket on D7 to create a simple incident tracking app. I have got some where but i keep haveing some error messages show up and im not sure how to get rid of them. I feel that the module should be able to easily give me what i want but im not getting much luck out of the support forum. Is anybody using anything they can recomend, im getting a little desperate now.

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This page compares project management and ticket tracking systems.

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In case you don't want to spend too much time with any Drupal chat / support system configuration and development, you can use some external application. Advantage of this solution is, that it is faster to configure and all perfomance needs handles external server. Disadvantage is costs, of course.

But, it is easy to calculate what is best for you.

In last time I spent much hours with helpdesk tool, which I really like - Live Agent.

Therefore I decided to develop Drupal module for this excelent application that combines live chat, helpdesk and offline support in one.

All installation takes about 5 minutes. You need just create trial account of Live Agent and then download and enable module on your website.
After login to Live Agent panel you can enable preffered button and start to support your clients.

HTML knowledge is not required!

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