With Media 7.x-2.0-unstable3 Plupload works like expected, but not with unstabele4 and 5. With theses latest version just a single media upload is possible.

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Its highly likely that depends on that the add file functionality was moved from Media #1552920: Move file/add from media to file. to File Entity #1552988: Move file/add from media to file.

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Project: Media » File Entity (fieldable files)
Version: 7.x-2.0-unstable5 » 7.x-2.x-dev
Component: Media Browser » Code
Status: Needs work » Active

Should this be implemeted in file_entity?

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Project: File Entity (fieldable files) » Media

No, it should probably be maintained in Media since having conditional code for plupload in file_entity will not be conducive for merging the module into core.

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Cross referencing #1476830: Integration on media widgets "Select media"-Upload for media 2.x. I posted a patch here that implements hook_media_browser_params_alter() in the Plupload module to set the media multiselect param to TRUE. Not sure if this is the best long-term solution though.

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I believe the correct long-term solution is to create custom multi-value widget that allows the user to select multiple files at a time, for image- and file fields that allows it. (Think like what the taxonomy-module does for it's multi-select fields)

I don't mind trying to create such a widget if there is support for it - if people feel like this could be useful.

As I also wrote in #1476830: Integration on media widgets "Select media"-Upload for media 2.x, I believe PLUpload should try and take over the 'file/add'-page with it's PLUpload form, to allow mass-uploading of files in a non-Media-browser context. Again, if people seem supportive of this way of doing it, I wouldn't mind trying to do it.

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Okay, after enabling multiform, I realized that PLUpload on 'file/add' already exists, so I wont try to do that ;)

But I wouldn't mind trying to do the multi-select media-browser widget for image/file fields, I people would want it.

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Plupload seems not to work with 7.x-2.0-unstable 6.

All I am seeing is a submit button on the 'Add file' page, of a instead of the plupload modal window.

I have multiform 7.x-1.0 installed.

Any pointers?

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Media and Plupload connector provides a widget that adds plupload support. Unfortunately it doesn't currently work very well with Media 2.x.

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Title: No Plupload with Media 7.x-2.0-unstable4 & 5 » Plupload integration broken

Better title (aka subscribe)

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With Multiform 7-1, Media 7-2-u6, Plupload Integration 7-1, along with Bulk Media Upload (which I'm not actually using)... the PLUpload widget takes over the Upload tab of the Media Browser properly and uploads files as expected. Only hangup is that it doesn't seem to respect the file extensions I have added to the "defaults", but I haven't figured out WHICH module is causing that problem yet...

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Confirm that #12 allows plupload widget to work nicely, now only if we could configure the upload path and have extensions and filesize validation respected then all would be good!

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@Kazanir I believe it's the Media module that is leaving this out of the multi file upload form, http://drupalcode.org/project/media.git/commitdiff/2666215 (found from #1600610: Media allowed file size not used on file/add/upload) adds in this functionality to the single upload only

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Using a vanilla drupal installation I installed latest dev versions of all the modules mentioned in #12 (plupload, media, multiform and even bulk media upload), set the number of values to "unlimited" and the widget to "Media file selector"

Now clicking on "Select media" brings up the standard media upload, no sign of plupload. Also tried with the unstable-6 but still no luck. Am I missing some obvious step?

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@ranx - I believe it only works with files uploaded on the file/add page.

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Thanks for the quick answer. You are right it does work on the file/add page. Sure would be nice to have it in the "Media file selector" upload though...

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ranx: Please test out my sandbox-module that provides a different widget for Media-fields that has multiselect enabled for unlimited-cardinaliy fields. http://drupal.org/sandbox/fangel/1652676.
Note: it works best with a patch applied, and only works for unlimited-cardinality fields.

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any new developments?

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Note that there is a new upload wizard for single files. Not sure if we should integrate plupload with this wizard or that it have to go on a separate page though..

#1553114: Adding files should be a multi-step process

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same issue

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@ikeigenwijs : have you already tried fangel's sandbox project, Media Multiselect? I'm using it, and it works very well. And its developer is very active.

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Peter: Active when I remember to check the issue queue ;) - and btw, would you mind checking out #1859990: EPSA Crop module's "Manage image crops" link doesn't get displayed when switching to Media Multiselect widget

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i ll try it now

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Everything seems to be working for me with the latest devs of Media-2.x and File Entity. Maybe we should close this issue?

I'm using @fangels multiselect module and it seems to work great.

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@fangel: yes, of course, I'll try that, I already wanted to, but I didn't have enough time to test it, but I'll do it tomorrow! Btw., thanks for that!

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Sorry not working for me, i dont know what to trie
I tried every module there is for multi upload

Plupload appears installed on status page.
But the plupload does not work in this site, it works on others, id dident do anything different.
Reinstalled, cleared cache, removed the modules and so on.
Any pointers?

Atached a screenshot with the view i get when using the module from @fangel

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And you're sure you've configured the field to allow multiple values? Multi uploading (and selecting) is only available for fields with cardinality > 1...

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Yes number of fields == unlimited
I did not modify any permissions.
pluploud is in library directory along with the others ckeditor
currently there are other pluploud modules enbaled to but i tried yours on its own, and same result.
the proble is plupload not loading but i dont know why of how to fix or how to debug, noting in the logs, no errors, no script errors in firebug

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@ikeigenwijs - to be able to use plupload you can go to file/add. If you want to use plupload in the media browser dialog, you need to use @fangels Multiselect module and then create a file field with the Widget set to "Media Multiselect". The multiselect module will allow you to upload multiple files at a time with plupload and also select multiple items at one time in the Library.

There is no way that I have seen to use multiselect or multiple uploads in the wysiwyg media browser.

-Hope that helps

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@ikeigenwijs : wait, there's an error in your status report, stating HTTP request status fails, similar to this problem. I think this needs to be solved first.

By the way, I also suggest using Media Multiselect. What are you using currently for uploading? If the module mentioned in #8, Media and Plupload connector, then don't use it, because it's not supported and developed anymore, as stated by its maintainer on another forum (he said it was just an experimental project, not for live usage).

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response to #32 @gmclelland

I dont want it in the wysis wyget editor (but there is an plugin fur pluploud integration with imce brower)
The original field Is a separate field for images.
I tried an extra file field with Media multiselect --> gives overlay but not plupload

I tried both with Multiupload widget --> gives standard file upload functionality
I tried both with Media file selector --> gives overlay but not plupload same

After a lot of searching i think now its a java script conflict, i use zen theme with no own extra java script.

responce to #33@ Sk8erPeter

Its correct, only the drupal update pages and some others are accessible.
But its normally not required for pluploud i thought, would that be it.

Now i use the core upload and the imce upload for in ckeditor.
But the client wants a photoalbum. I use multiuploud on an other site with no problem.
this site is smaller and easier or so i thought.

thx for your thoughts, any more ;-) i could give you access to a copy if you want to look around.

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Do you also have Multiple forms module (which is an API) enabled for Media Multiselect module? Are you using its current version? I suggest using at least the 7.x-2.0-unstable7 version of Media (or you could even try dev), and the latest version of Plupload. Maybe you should do some updates, or even test it with dev versions.
I don't know which Multiupload widget you were talking about, but you should have "Media multiselect" widget enabled for the given field with unlimited cardinality.

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I have multiple forms 7.x 1.0 no dev available
media multi select the git version of 2 days ago. no dev either

MEdia 7x.2.0-unstable7+20 ill try the dev of 27 januari

Latest version of pluploud reinstalled from website yesterday.

Muploud comes from Multiupload Imagefield Widget 7.x-1.0

media multiselect widget is selected

some other debug ideas?
thx for your time. Im thinking of taking the site off line if this gets not resolved, it also coantians a ack office so multi file upload is a big issue.

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Dev of 2.x of media did not help.

I found this issue on java script conflict.

i dont have tinymc but on the same page there is ckeditor an other wysiwyg editor
turning off ckeditor did not change anything

Found the following in a debugger

Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html: "/sites/all/libraries/plupload/js/jquery.plupload.queue/jquery.plupload.queue.js?v=".

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@ikeigenwijs : hmm, maybe it's related to your active theme. Which theme are you using? Try to set it back to a default theme like Bartik or Seven.

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@ Sk8erPeter
I use a custam theme started from zen.
with a theme chooser module based on url
ThemeKey UI 7.x-2.3

no custum java script , only css changes

i tried it in default theme seven and bartik cleared cach
no improvement.

Can you do something with the "Resource interpreted as Script....." from in #37

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@keigenwijs - You might need to try on a fresh install with the bare minimum modules until you can find out which one is causing the conflict. I wouldn't recommend running two different editors at time. Maybe you should test it on a content type that has a single file field with no other fields?

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I think the "Resource interpreted..." message doesn't really matter. (You're not the only one who gets these kind of messages, but these are just warnings from the browser you are using.)
Don't you see some related errors in admin/reports/dblog or admin/reports/status?
If I were you, I would make a copy of this site, and test it on localhost, disabling the suspicious modules one by one which can override the uploader's normal behavior, or something similar.
Could you test it on another Drupal instance?

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It's currently a bare minimum contenttype with just a body and an image field for photos.

Thats the last resort.
I disabled as many modules as i could now already.

I ll keep you posted.

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Tried on a new site with no custom theme.
and very few module enabled but the standard.

@ Sk8erPeter, @fangel
I can give someone access if you want to trie something or look around.

Still nothing and only the following selections
Enabled browser plugins
My files
If no plugins are selected, they will all be available.

no multi in site

The last ting i m going to try is a standard drupal install with 1 contenttype with in unlimited photo field on different hosting.

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@ikeigenwijs : the first thing I would do if I were you is to test it in my own localhost environment (or if you don't want to configure your server, you could try e.g. here for free: http://www.000webhost.com/ or at any other free web hosting company's stuff).
EDIT: oh, and I scrolled back, and saw what you wrote earlier:

But the plupload does not work in this site, it works on others, id dident do anything different.

and you also posted a screenshot where there's this ugly red alert, as I mentioned earlier, so I think your problem could really be simply hosting service- (webserver- and PHP-configurations-)related.

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localhost install works

basic drupal 7
with the following required extra modules
media 2. dev7

Next step was:
I copied the whole site and DB to localhost .... -> pluploud works.

But what is the solution now to get is working on the live site?
Outgoing http requests are limited to drupal update and some other sites. Nothing can be changed about that. And it should not be necessary because the lib is on the site and all the required data is on the hosting.

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@ikeigenwijs - It's hard to tell what the problem with your live site is. Perhaps you can troubleshoot this in IRC drupal-media? With @fangels media multi-select module, you shouldn't need to use multiupload_filefield_widget and multiupload_imagefield_widget anymore. I would also start with disabling modules that use javascript until you narrow which one is conflicting with plupload.

From what I understand the media module only provides plupload integration at file/add. If you want plupload integration on your file fields then you will need to use @fangel's media multiselect module with the amount of files set to more than one. There is also no wysiwyg plupload integration with either module.

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@gmclelland :

I would also start with disabling modules that use javascript until you narrow which one is conflicting with plupload.

If the very same JavaScript-codes DO work on localhost, but do not work on the live server, this problem doesn't seem to be related to CLIENT SIDE stuffs (JS-codes) at all. It rather seems like a server-related problem, but I don't know what exactly.

@ikeigenwijs : you didn't tell us much details about your server, so it could be related to multiple things, you should start debugging. Earlier I asked you whether there are there are any error messages in your database log (admin/reports/dblog), but you didn't write about that. Could you show a phpinfo()?
Maybe you should inspect your browser's web developer toolbar's output too (Ctrl+Shift+I or F12) on the Network tab whether there is an error while loading a file or something...

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developer toolbar gives no errors. (chrome and firebug in FF)
watchdog gives no errors and all messages are loged
phpinfo() at http://www.primafamed.ugent.be/info.php

when clicking cancel the whole site is loaded in the overlay windows on the live server
when clicking cancel on localhost behaviour is normal

tell me what to test and ill do it, im frustrated and curious about the source of the problem.

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Issue summary: View changes

I get the same problems, mainly the plupload block in the media modal is missing and all tabs are exposed.

The fix. in jquery_update.module set the admin jquery to 1.5 and your main jquery to 1.10
Now go to your media browser settings under media and select your admin theme as your media browser theme.

Now plupload works perfect.
I have even tried it with bootstrap3 theme and it works, aslong as jquery is set to 1.5
or a patch that will make plupload compatible with jquery 1.10

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Was this approach abandoned in favor of another multi-file upload solution? As of now plupload and and the media browser don't work together.

If so, can we link this to the main issue where it's being worked on?

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@Rob_Feature I think the main issue to follow is #2216273: Latest media changes break the multiselect for at least getting multiple uploads working on file, image fields, and on file/add. I still don't think there is the ability to add multiple files using wysiwyg. Hope that helps

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For me, at /file/add, plupload works only with jQuery 1.8.2 and jQuery UI 1.10.2. I cannot use later versions of Jquery. I have media 7.x-2.0-alpha3 and Plupload 7.x-1.6 versions installed.

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Updated for Clarification:

Plupload works for with jquery 1.8.x in; "/file/add" and for "media_gallery" module but does not work for the media browser widget when used to add multiple media files into a multiple file field.

After looking through more threads and, not being tired, I realized that Plupload does not work with Media fields for some reason. You need the sandbox media multiselect module. Right now it seems to be broken. I will try and figure out how to download the sandbox project and test it out.

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It seems to be working with jQuery Update using jQuery 1.8 AND jQuery CDN as source.
But the upload box is a bit messed up ;)

Edit: forget my comment, it breaks elsewhere...

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The link gmclelland gives is now outdated. mglaman has created a patch for Media itself (no additional module) that is working great for me

#951004: Allow selecting of multiple media items for a multi value media field in the same dialog

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Can confirm that it´s broken again.

Here´s a patch: https://www.drupal.org/node/951004

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Mori, that's the same link I posted. If instead of a link you enter the following but without the spaces [ # 951004] that gives you a link with the issue title that updates when the issue updates as above or like so #951004: Allow selecting of multiple media items for a multi value media field in the same dialog

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Any point in keeping this issue open? Should not everyone head over and help out testing/working on [ #951004] and create new issues that address any additional problems?

ergophobe’s picture

Status: Closed (won't fix) » Closed (duplicate)
Related issues: +#951004: Allow selecting of multiple media items for a multi value media field in the same dialog

I think you're right. I'd say "Changed (Duplicate)" because when I see that it tells me to look for the link to the canonical issue, whereas "won't fix" tells me there's no resolution.

Also added #951004: Allow selecting of multiple media items for a multi value media field in the same dialog as a "related issue" via the widget.