I have two languages installed, and everything works well including the blocks and menus, but I just cannot get the language link to show up on the frontpage.

In my multilingual /variables settings, I have selected to have the default front page to be translatable and I've set my default frontpage to two different nodes.

In the multilingual / node options, I have hidden the content translation links and am using the language switcher block. The block is set to show on every page.

I've enabled the language for to appear for all of my content types.

I am not using a prefix for the languages. Many of the other posts I've searched through are using prefixes, but this is working well as is, with the exception of the home page. The site is here: http://fondationhopitallachine.com/

All modules are up to date.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Your problem seem to be that both your language switch links get the 'active' class on the front page thus hidden by CSS.

I haven't worked with language negotiation set to 'session' myself but I would suggest you to double check your default language settings and possibly default front page settings.

You are mistaken when it comes to prefixes because you are in fact using them in your session language variable. Example: "http://fondationhopitallachine.com/?language=en".