Hey all,

I have 2 themes: 1)homepage &, 2)internal.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to set the homepage theme/page to be the index page. That is, when I click on the 'home' link in the nav bar, how do I get the site to load the homepage theme/page?

Anyhelp on this would be much appriciated.

Cheers in advance.


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Thanks for your help.

Not to be a nuisance , but I don't follow how itworks.

I now have 2 template files, one for the homepage (page-node.tpl.php) and one for the internal page (page.tpl.php).

Now however, every page with content falls back to the homepage template, the pages without content use the internal template.

Is there a way to tell Drupal to only use the homepage template for the homepage and ther internal for the rest?

Cheers once again for your help.

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ok, you want home page to look different, create a node via Create Content (for example it is node/45), than create a template, it looks like page-node-45.tpl.php and place it in your theme folder, change front page to node/45 here -> admin/settings/site-information, you can customize node/45(page-node-45.tpl.php) as much as you like, i guess it should solve your problem

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Cheers for your help Linuk!

After much trial and error, I finally got my site up and working.