I would like to have news posted on my frontpage, but only the Title of the news in a list, and then if you click at one of them you could go to a separate page or maybe show that news-article directly on the frontpage (by expanding the title with the rest of the text). Is this possible?


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That's something you would do with the views module.
What you'd do is create a category called "news" (vocab news, then maybe terms: sports news, general news etc) and use the story content type (or you can create another one just for this purpose - this is probably best, that way you can make selecting a category required) to create all news stories.

Then you use views to create blocks that display title and teaser and link to the page (you'd check "provide block" and "provide page" - page being full nodes, blocks being teasers) a block and a page, add fields node title and node body (teaser, not full text) then filter by taxonomy term: News.

The view URL will be the url for news, since it will grab all content with the news category.

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I'm sure there are a number of ways to handle this, but I'm doing something similar using CKK, Contemplate modules and Views to create a block.
1) Create a new content type for news
2) Create a new View for your new content type
3) Select both Block and Page (views)
4) choose the fields you would like to display
5) add the new block to your home page in Blocks>Configure
6) modify the way your teaser and or page appears in Contemplate if you like.

Not the simplest option I know but it works for me though I have 25 content types to deal with.

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There isn't a news module to my knowledge because having one would be almost redundant. What you will have to do is create a new content type called "news" and then create a view to display the latest 5 or so news items in a block which you could put on your front page.


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Views was perfect! The strange thing is that I've used Views so many times before, but now, I couldn't just think about it. Thank you guys!

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Well i can use views or pages to create news section. But how can i make archive pages where there will be the lists of all months and after clicking on that, all news will show there!

Any ideas?

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please wanna your help to do some thing like this and also i wanna display image with title of the news...

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i had read a few articles about news module.but i still cant display the result.Seem ur way is more easy to understand.but still need ur guidance.can u help me?

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The tutorial shows you how to use Views to create news content, list it on a page, include latest News in a block and have a News Archive by Month block. Go to http://www.fbloggs.com/2009/11/06/how-to-create-news-items-and-a-news-li... for the first article. The second is on the same site.