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MD5: cf2cf49f7c8e94c2af6ab7b5fa9916b5
SHA-1: ca7c6fee23edc212c0490789c7916e0ca0daf290
SHA-256: cc8526371d78fb88d017412800fea7dd22d2b9c57fee439b8fb9a58715ee7c28
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MD5: 23f0e9a8d029867c74b3682c6b33f0b4
SHA-1: 08db381fa882067f26f8ccfcc2836a0d75acab5a
SHA-256: 999133d60dc2b639f6e0219e4ff091853c963240553d55d2fa15d6987ce74964

Release info

Created by: longwave
Created on: 25 Apr 2012 at 17:30 UTC
Last updated: 26 Apr 2012 at 07:38 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Security advisory: SA-CONTRIB-2012-064 - Ubercart - Multiple vulnerabilities.

Changes since 7.x-3.0:

  • Add missing check_plain().
  • Rework storage of user supplied passwords during checkout.
  • Record unknown status codes returned by PayPal.
  • #1503816: PayPal sends inconsistent status codes for 'multi-currency'.
  • #1411148: Reword PayPal Express Checkout landing page options.
  • #588746: Add Rules (disabled by default) to increment stock when an order is deleted or cancelled.
  • #1452298: Only variables should be passed by reference in uc_attribute_uc_order_product_alter().
  • #1516876: Link customer names to user accounts on order listing page.
  • #1540750 by longwave, wodenx: Remove theme_uc_payment_by_order_form() to improve Ajax compatibility.
  • #1429756: Continue shopping and add to cart redirect incorrectly duplicate i18n language prefix.
  • #1524716 by wodenx, longwave: Refactor uc_checkout_pane_payment() to improve Ajax compatibility.
  • #1518522: Update order_total when order is saved.
  • #1460166: Avoid undefined variable in _uc_attribute_alter_form().
  • Missing period at end of sentence.
  • Add payment method pane tests.
  • First round of tests for uc_stock.
  • Minor coder fix for comments.
  • Re-add credit card tests and fix default gateway radio button.
  • Temporarily remove failing credit card tests.
  • Use public file path instead of hardcoded path in credit card tests.
  • #1512482: Google Checkout taxes only apply to US states.
  • SimpleXML is included in PHP by default as of PHP 5.1.2. Because Drupal 7 requires PHP 5.2.5 or higher, we no longer have to check for SimpleXML in hook_requirements().
  • Remove obsolete CSS and JavaScript.
  • Avoid drupal_goto() in hook_menu() callbacks.
  • #1410054: Replace user order history listings with Views.
  • #1410054: Replace admin order history listings with Views.
  • #149942: Broken label image link on shipping packages page.
  • #1483430: Remove dead code from uc_product_form_alter().
  • #1505276: Notice: Undefined variable: rows in theme_uc_stock_edit_form().
  • Comments.
  • Just documentation comments.
  • Use db_query_range() instead of a COUNT(*) query when don't need an actual count.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Make uc_reports_product_custom() look more like uc_reports_product().
  • #1459328 by pfournier: uc_roles_revoke() not passing the $silent parameter to uc_roles_delete().
  • Format comments to 80 characters maximum, remove blank lines.
  • #1466658: Undefined index: small_package in uc_shipping_new_package().
  • #1462176: PayPal Express and Google Checkout buttons do not work correctly when used together.
  • #1404486: Export product node field definitions correctly when using Features.
  • #1440652 by longwave, alex.neblett: Add extended date module support so orders can be viewed in a calendar.
  • Remove trailing whitespace.
  • #1454152: Breadcrumb trail contains unwanted products when using attributes and display price field in Views.
  • Merge branch '7.x-3.x' of into 7.x-3.x
  • #1410302: Fix PHP Notice when creating a shipment for an order with no shipping quotes.
  • #1235594: Partial fix for Enter key in cart removes product rather than updating quantity in IE.
  • #1417950: Trying to get property of non-object in uc_cart_checkout() after deleting "in checkout" orders.
  • #1452300 by vesselin: Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in uc_store_process_address_field().
  • #1433364: Don't log warnings when attempting to send an email to nobody.
  • #1313684: Add Rules conditions for multiple country comparison.
  • Followup to issue #1419128: Breadcrumb trail contains unwanted products when using display price field on product kits in Views.
  • #1459520: Use full path via dirname(__FILE__) to include code files.
  • #1170792 by TR: Allow admin to search for customers by username.
  • #1063722 by bgm: Allow admin to enter a date for received payments.
  • #1460782: PHP Notice when no payment modules are enabled.
  • Wrap inline comments at 80 characters.
  • #1072264: Split theme implementations out into files.
  • #1430118 by davidarthur, longwave: Improve shipping UI by removing unneeded steps.
  • #1448760: Add 'uc-product-node' body class to all product node pages.
  • #1447922: Fatal error: Call to undefined function rules_invoke_event() in uc_product.module.
  • Remove "global $user;" declarations from functions that don't use the $user variable. Wrap comments at 80 columns. Clean up theme function code.
  • #1431938 by longwave: Check if Rules configuration exists before trying to alter it.
  • Make link to default pickup address more specific.
  • #473572 by longwave, Island Usurper: Use node_save() instead of drupal_execute() when updating product kit components.
  • #1414242: uc_payment loads display_only line items into order.
  • #1419128: Breadcrumb trail contains unwanted products when using display price field in Views.
  • #1312954 by sittard, longwave: Add print icon to order actions.
  • #1416588: Fatal error: Nesting level too deep when selecting customer in admin order edit.
  • #287336: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in theme_tapir_table() when order contains no products.
  • #1436706 by vesselin: Primary email is not setup during checkout.
  • #556458: Remove 'nowrap' attributes in uc_reports.
  • #1418936: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in uc_roles_deletion_form().
  • Fix missing roles help message, and fix help text formatting.
  • #1429010: Anonymous users are unable to add products to cart on PostgreSQL. Rework UcOrder constructor and unify order object creation.
  • #1432532 by fiftyz, longwave: Notice: Undefined index: last-name în uc_order_tokens().
  • Remove trailing spaces.
  • #1431408 by age3141592: Incorrect calculation for daily average and projected total sales reports.
  • #1430832 by jerry: Fix PHP notice in packing slip template.
  • #1430840 by jerry: Fix PHP notice when parsing UPS response errors.
  • #1430850 by jerry: Fix theme function to display UPS shipping label.
  • #1430844 by jerry: Remove commented out code that prevented UPS label generation from working.
  • #1413988: Undefined index: #suffixes in uc_taxes_entity_view_alter().
  • #1215636: Shipping quotes do not default to the correct selection when the user has not explicitly made a selection.
  • #1425370: Checkout failure due to restructuring of 'do_complete' variable.
  • Coder review fixes: replace <img> with theme('image', ...).
  • #1349764: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 0 of 172 bytes in uc_credit_cache().
  • #1331324 by jonathan_hunt, TR: Token failure in role expiration emails.
  • Add test case for uc_roles.
  • Add 'find mail by subject' function to test cases.
  • Return created order from test case checkout function.
  • #1422588: Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in uc_quote.module when using PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Remove unused/undocumented order pane 'theme_all' option.


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