When I add Fields, Filter Criteria, or Sort Criteria to my view, taxonomies and users are not listed in the available criteria. I only see content, content revision, file usage, global, and search. How do I make taxonomy and user available in this list?

I am using Views 3.3.



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You may have to create a relationship to users or taxonomy first. After doing so, additional options should show for filtering. But I am not 100% sure, I still find I have to think through each view I make analytically.

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John_B is correct. You must add Content: Author in the relationships box before you have access to author filter fields. There are other relationships to add to get other additional fields.

- Jim

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I have the same problem, but it's very weird. I did not forget to add the relationships:
-On our linux machines, most of the filter criteria are NOT displayed.
-On our local Macs and Windows machines, all filters are visible. Even after we copy all the data from the "not-working" machine....

Can anyone point us into the right direction?

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medieval111 your problem sounds a quite a bit like https://drupal.org/node/2007156 to me, the work around mentioned there may help you restore your filter and sort criteria options.