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MD5: ef0e3a56c77e50a59f0ae965d70b58b3
SHA-1: d536075a14d1542bab19ae2c69a1f5ed8baafbce
SHA-256: a0376de1538a3991cc07be60ecf882592a609e048354216d217ccfd027c50dc4
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MD5: d4536711b0e2799a207c3b96a33b2ca8
SHA-1: f0c1bd03580918e1b464b9264ee91ccb7d2f029b
SHA-256: 1697caabe4985453a99bdc95e4772af5d2e54b20086b61d13b8717cf029cc701

Release info

Created by: tim.plunkett
Created on: January 24, 2012 - 03:37
Last updated: January 24, 2012 - 03:40
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta2:

  • #1399746 by Dave Reid: Fixed fatal error if a referenced field collection is deleted.
  • #1335082 by Dave Reid: Update the 'administer field collection' permission machine name.
  • #1282566 by juampy, tim.plunkett: Don't check the item weight when editing the widget default value.
  • #1314796 by drikc: Added label for single value embedded Field Collections.
  • #1320924 by mrfelton: Fixed field permissions incorrectly processed.
  • #1047784 by tim.plunkett: Remove usage of hook_field_views_data_views_data_alter().
  • #1084268 by mongolito404, tim.plunkett: Fixed 'Exception: Invalid field name given' in FieldCollectionItemEntity.
  • #1315432 by zilverdistel: Fixed deleting a translated node with a collection also deletes the collection entity.
  • #1335082 by JohnAlbin: Remove dash from the "field collection" phrase.
  • #1329394 by Alan D.: Fixed small error in field info hook.
  • #1234574 by merlinofchaos | jox: Added a delete button on the field collection item edit form.
  • #1337694 by JohnAlbin: Added formatter that doesn't add any HTML wrappers around field collection items.
  • #1337674 by JohnAlbin: Better describe the current field formatters.
  • #1324328 by stevector: Added Field collection view mode formatter.
  • #1236402 by bleen18, cutesquirrel, tim.plunkett: Added support for devel generate.
  • #1290986 avoid using field_info_fields() during hook_entity_info() as it needs entity-info to work.
  • #1274400 by tim.plunkett: Allow Field Collection to use the admin theme for content editing.
  • #1047784 by vasike: Added Views integration for Field Collection.
  • #1142114 by tim.plunkett, adf1969, WilliamB: Fixed sorting of items with embedded widget.
  • #1187010 by casey, tim.plunkett: Store field_collection_item in the widget's form state.
  • #1239416 by tim.plunkett: Add field_collection_item_load_multiple().
  • #1249894 by tim.plunkett: Fixed field_collection's aggressive CSS.
  • fixed field collection Rules tests to work with the latest Rules release