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MD5: e966ba0c2ad40b9b044ae8bdf993f5ed
SHA-1: d4c44f86c0bec6d06643d3ad581b0b4c78dacfc9
SHA-256: 9b1f4e103b02bd56b30e59957f4408a9b3616fe93dbbb91a73547a7cce73d5c4
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MD5: 517aa4be8e5990179c9fddcdd711006a
SHA-1: 599de0d3fbe6cabad20e6d5099541c48f0159ac4
SHA-256: 41e55aeab53b019ae9ea59ef68dac72dcf49841b300901021af7a6659e61ad16
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/field_collection:^1.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: jmuzz
Created on: 17 Nov 2016 at 17:12 UTC
Last updated: 17 Nov 2016 at 17:14 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Several improvements and fixes, including support for entity translation.

  • Issue #1781774 by liquidcms: Added link to field collection manage fields from node manage fields page.
  • Issue #2816871 by icondigital: Edit link now editable when translation support for field collections is not active.
  • Issue #1828848 by robinvdvleuten: Fixed validatity of CSS.
  • Issue #1595702 by skorzh: Diff support of field collection fields
  • Issue #2733743 by nevergone, Aron Novak: Added hook_entity_info_alter() support
  • Issue #2385985 by wizonesolutions, gmercer, hussainweb, sherakama: Deleting host entity causes save during deletion
  • Issue #1289062 by AohRveTPV: Fixed undefined variable error.
  • Issue #2416237 by Ashley George, jrb: Deleting field collection items from node, then adding more creates multiple revisions of same field collection entity on save
  • Issue #1788222 by Chris Burge, czigor, Nick Bell, DaneMacaulay, logaritmisk, mvlabat, jmuzz: Allow "add another" button instead of empty field collection item form when using the embedded widget
  • Issue #2619550 by eugene.ilyin, rvillan, DamienMcKenna, Marc DeLay: Notice: Undefined index: entity keys in entity_extract_ids()
  • Issue #1289062 by asgorobets, acbramley, ndrosev, idebr, Pavel Ruban, filsterjisah, EmanueleQuinto, ygerasimov, erichomanchuk, wingmanjd, markus_petrux, redndahead, gmercer: Required fields in collection not validated when empty
  • Issue #2736775 by jmuzz: Entity translation tests are failing
  • Issue #1344672 by malberts and many others: Field Collection: Field translation (entity_translation) support
  • Issue #2456307 by rlmumford: Item Remove Button confuses #parents and #array_parents
  • Issue #2243595 by Yaron Tal: Nested field collections don't play nice with workbench moderation (revisions)
  • Issue #2153083 by RaF7: Allow hook_entity_view_mode_alter() to be used on field collection items
  • Issue #1937866 by justanothermark, gilgabar, kriboogh: Entity metadata wrapper set method does not support field collection revisions
  • Issue #2213795 by solotandem: Add index to FIELDNAME_value column on field_collection field tables


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