I discovered a problem with autocomplete function on the "tag" field, in which user write tags to content. In IE6-7 all is ok, but in Firefox this function reports a mistake:
"An HTTP error 400 occured.

How can I solve this problem?


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any help would be appreciated...

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I get this error:

An HTTP error 0 occured.

Anybody knows why ?

Thanks a lot.

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Can you tell us if you found a solution ?


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I am also having this problem in Firefox. I tried it in IE with the same result.
I have Free Tagging enabled in taxonomy for content type, Blog. I begin typing some tags in the field. A little blue circle on the right end of the field spins and a list of autocomplete suggestions drops from the bottom of the field. I can choose one of the items or continue typing the term with no problem. The problem occurs as soon as I type a comma to add more terms. I get a pop up window that reads:
An error occurred.
I can click OK and continue adding terms; however the window pops up every time I press the comma button and often in the middle of typing a word. If I have several terms to enter for the content I am creating, I might have to click OK on the window 12 or more times.
I can't seem to find a way to disable this autocomplete feature, despite having scoured drupal.org. Anyone have a suggestion?
Geremia Doan

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I came to a point where I wanted to disable autocompletion for forms completely. I think I just
commented at somewhere at line 1402 in form.inc:

/*  if ($element['#autocomplete_path']) {
    $class[] = 'form-autocomplete';
    $extra =  '<input class="autocomplete" type="hidden" id="'. $element['#id'] .'-autocomplete" value="'. check_url(url($element['#autocomplete_path'], NULL, NULL, TRUE)) .'" disabled="disabled" />';
  } */ 

No errors so far. But does anybody know if this is correct?

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Thank you so much for the fix for this .js form issue. Thank you again for all the help.

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Can you tell me if it was the right solution or if you had to modify something else?

Does it work on Drupal 6 ?


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I've had this problem. It occurs because line feeds have been written before text.
To see it, launch http://www.*******.info/taxonomy/autocomplete/2 and see code source.
If source had line feeds before { .... }, you found the problem.
Check you template.php and modules. Delete all line after last ?>.

If error persists, you can also modify /misc/autocomplete.js and add at end :

Drupal.ACDB.prototype.trim = function(data) 
    data = data.replace(/(?:^\s+|\s+$)/g, "");
	return data.replace(/\n/g, ""); 

and add

data = db.trim(data);

in Drupal.ACDB.prototype.search just before var matches = Drupal.parseJson(data);
That works for me.

Hope it helps you !

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I have the exact same symptoms as the original poster. Anyone know what causes this issue. It's strange because it only happens after a period of time. I noticed that if I saw it happening and I cleared all the caches and went back to the form it would work just fine. But until I cleared the Drupal cache, it would display the error with each keystrokes in that field.

So this tells me it has something to do with a caching issue. Did anyone else experience this as well?