I'm new to Drupal, but good with SQL and PHP. I'm running drupal 7.9 (I'll upgrade to 7.10 this weekend) with a bunch of modules including; views, fileds, and profile2. This site is for my local homebrew club, and I've added a new field to the account settings to indicate the latest year that club dues have been paid by this member. Obviously I don't want a user to be able to change this on their own. How do I lock this down so it can be seen, but not edited by the user in their user page?



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After spending a week trying different modules and tying to learn hooks I finally figured it out. I've seen others ask this question, but nobody ever suggested the field_permissions module. Installed it and it does exactly what I needed.

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Glad you found your answer. Another option is to protect the data using the theme ... go here for a discussion of the same problem: http://drupal.org/node/963412 The advantage of addressing it at the theme level is that you don't have any overhead of another module. If you poke around at modules > profile you'll see the default template.