I have set up locale and the empty database. It seems to work but..... I have no idea how you are supposed to install the PO files (in my case french) in the database. I am sure this is my newbie ignorance, but I have looked through the Drupal site and posts, and the help instrucions in locale, and nowhere do I find instructions for doing this.

Can someone either point me to the place on drupal or elsewhere that would show me how to do this? or better yet give me an answer.

Thanks for your help


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Amazingly difficult to find.

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Thanks for responding

I assume you mean within my Drupal site admin. Unfortunately the only links under 'localisation' are (in my case) 'english', 'french', 'search string', and 'help'. I have been through all of those and find no reference to importing PO files. I have read the help and made the changes to my conf.php file etc.

I am using 4.4 . Does that make a difference? If so perhaps the required instructions are on Drupal.org?

Thanks again

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Simple instructions: Upgrade to 4.5 And read the upgrade instructions.

If you have troubles with a particular contrib project, please consider to file a support request. Thanks.

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Hi Killes,

My concern is the reported speed problems with older hardware. Since my server qualifies as 'older' I am hesitant to update until those problems go away or i change my hardware. Is it possible to find instructions for importing PO modules using 4.4? I assume people were doing it somehow.

BTW, I am a big fan of Drupal and its capabilities. Being a novice, I find it sometimes difficult to figure things out, but usually the instructions make it possible to get through it all.

Thanks for Drupal and thanks for your help with this issue.

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Drupal 4.5.0 is not significantly slower than 4.4. The problems on Drupal.org were caused by increasing popularity of Drupal itself and a growing database. If you don't plan on having thousands of visitors a day, you won't have any speed issues.

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Not according to this post: http://drupal.org/node/12909

At any rate I installed localegettext which got me the import function in 4.4 BUT it requires .mo files, which means a convert from .po which I have done using gnugettext's utility..... and then the mysql update times out!

So rather than solve that problem, I am ready to update to 4.5. IF the localisation module directly imports .po files. Can you tell me if this is the case?

Thanks steve (or anybody)