DrupalCamp24x7.org is an community effort to help Drupal beginners to learn Drupal online.

It also tries to help drupalites from all over the world to share and communicate among themselves in a way Drupal.org suggests for DrupalCamp but in an online mode.

It also tries to help people interested in Drupal to share their ideas with others who are unable to taste the fun of DrupalCamp in any way.

We welcome all who love Drupal and want to be part of this great community.

Come join us, learn drupal by free video tutorials, share yours for others and enjoy the drupal fun.

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Happy learning


say2joe’s picture

Could you please lower the volume... oh right, that's one plugin I haven't discovered yet... sarcasm. I think the idea is great, but you can't hear the audio on the free tutorial site Drupalcamp24x7.org ... so, why build it? Just record the video with volume turned up so I don't have to plug in my HDMI cable to turn up the volume with video output on my TV!

nnara530’s picture

I have visited this site today (20-Dec-2012). I am unable to view / download any of the tutorials. When I right click on the Window; I could see that Movie not loaded message. Not sure if anyone is experiencing the same issue.

Sent a feedback to them.


mohamad_fahmi_’s picture

Hi dgoutam,, im new at here :).. thanks for that tutorial video, that it's useful for me to learn


Priyanka Shetty’s picture


I can't hear anything on the video too!! There seem to be some serious audio issues! :(
Please try to fix it.

jkitterman’s picture

The videos do not load. Has this project been abandoned?

ncang’s picture

very happy to receive instructions from the video that you gave.