Hi, I've used IMCE once and it was working just fine. There after I installed many more modules, and now what I see is all the buttons like Upload, Thumbnails, Delete, Resize, Manage directories etc. are gone!
I don't know where the things went wrong and I'm unable to get those buttons back. I can see the File browser tab and also its window is working, just that buttons are gone.
Please help me. Will appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.

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Priority: Critical » Normal
Issue tags: -imce, -missing, -buttons, -file browser

Try changing the theme to make sure its not related. Then, you can try disabling some UI modules to see which one is affecting IMCE.

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Same problem after update from 2.1 to 2.2 on D6! With 2.1, there wasn´t problem.

I am using Basic theme and problem persist in more browsers.

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Updated to DEV version and problem is gone.

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Thank you for your help, but sorry to say, I'm still facing that problem. I did uninstall and replace IMCE and newly enabled dev release module, but its still not showing up anything. Can anyone tell me what are the all tables created by IMCE, I feel like some problem with database. I can try deleting those tables too.
Thanks in advance.

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...same here. Drupal 7.2 and IMCE-7.x-1.x-dev version. No Buttons...
Theme Metropolis

With standard theme Bartik, everything is fine - Buttons back...

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Try to disable Theme Developer.

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I have the same problem. I think the problem started after updating CKeditor.

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I too am having the same problem, i.e. no buttons appearing for uploading or such. Relevant info:
Drupal 6.22
CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML 6.x-1.5
IMCE 6.x-2.2

I've tried switching out a custom theme back to Garland and rechecked my configuration settings with no luck at present. Things were running fine up until the last two upgrades. I'm not running Theme developer on this site. I did do a couple of updates and one was to CKEditor. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my users are getting frustrated because they can no longer upload files. Many thanks.

Addendum: Also, when creating links for existing files double clicking a file no longer creates a link.

Addendum part deux: I've rolled back both CKEditor to 6.x-1.3 and IMCE to 6.x-2.1 and everything is working fine again. Something is breaking between the two packages.

Addendum #3: Okay, this is wonky, please note the technical term - wonky. I left on Friday to a perfectly working IMCE, i.e. displaying pretty icons across the top bar. No one other than myself has updated anything on the site, I have two editors that change material and neither made edits after myself. And, this morning lo and behold IMCE has blown up again. This is after the roll back and after everything was working. This is very frustrating.

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Version: 7.x-1.4 » 6.x-2.2

Same problem here. using 7.x version

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Same headbang problem.

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It was indeed nice menus superfish javascript who was giving the problem.

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I'm having this problem too. I use it with CKeditor. I changed the theme to Basic but the button still wouldn't appear.

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The Solution!!!!
Don't forget to disable or empty your browser cache :-)


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Same problem with 7.x-1.x-dev and 7.x-1.5 versions. No Buttons! I have Bartik here, I tried to change theme but still no buttons, what's happening?

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Same problem and I am sure its IMCE as I have made no changes to the theme but it has worked fine for years. I was using ckeditor module then when this broke I switched to wysisyg with tinymce and IMCE and have exactly the same problem,

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use firebug to inspect the imce popup window and see if you have any js errors.

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I was using wysiwyg module with TinyMCE and IMCE, and I didn't realize until it was pointed out to me that I also needed the imce_wysiwyg module to have the file browser button appear for image uploads. Everything worked fine after this:

1. install and enable imce_wysiwyg
2. add the IMCE button to the wysiwyg profile you are using (admin/settings/wysiwyg --> edit --> Buttons and plugins)

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I'm having this same problem with IMCE 6.x-2.x-dev. Everything seems to be working, but there are no buttons. The javascript console in chrome isn't showing any errors. I tried uninstalling 6.x-2.3 and replacing it with 6.x-2.x-dev and that didn't work. I also tried changing themes, but even the standalone browser at /imce has no buttons. Here's what the HTML looks like where the buttons should be:

<div id="ops-wrapper">
  <div id="op-items">
        <ul id="ops-list">
  <div id="op-contents"></div>

It looks to me like that "ops-list" ul should have something besides an empty li in it.

Update: I fixed it. It turns out the problem was Simplemenu 6.x-1.2. I thought I had tested it by telling simple menu not to show up on IMCE pages, but it was apparently still conflicting, because when I turned it off completely, the three buttons showed up. I installed Administration menu instead and it's working fine.

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@ Sheilaj - Thank you very much it solved my problem!!!

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Version: 6.x-2.2 » 7.x-1.0

Another fix I found was if you are using Clientside Validation module, add imce* to the paths that it excludes, this fixed it for me.

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#21 worked for me. Thank you very much!

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Version: 7.x-1.0 » 7.x-1.5

Same issue for me. I've tried changing themes, I've tried IMCE's dev version, I've switched from TinyMCE to CKEditor, cleared cache between all these changes. The permissions are correct, there are no javascript errors on the IMCE upload window. I'm on drupal 7.16 and any advise would be appreciated.

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I tried a lot of things and spent a lot of time on this issue. #21 worked for me. @harry_nc Thank you very much

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I've just wasted 2 hours on the same problem. In my case a jQuery plugin loaded by my theme was apparently being overridden by IMCE, and functions my theme relied then caused JS errors in the IMCE browser window.

Specifically it was the jquery.validate plugin, and my theme was calling $.validator.addMethod(), which no longer exists in the IMCE browser window.

So for anyone experiencing issues with the IMCE file browser pop-up:


It's probably easiest to do this by loading the browser URL [baseUrl]/imce in a normal browser window.

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same as #25 a js error. in the popup, click the top right firebug icon to enable it, relaod and the error will appear...

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Hi there!

I've just replicated this error by doing the same as #25, and plus, I've toggle a checkbox in my drupal configuration that fixed the issue (or at least, it recovered the desired state of the UI in imce).

To reproduce:

go to: .../admin/config/development/performance
and toggle "Aggregate JavaScript files" check box. Turn it on and refresh your www.drupalDomain.xxx/icme, turn it off and refresh it again. For me, this was the problem.

Perhaps devs of this module could shed some light into this. Hope this was clear enough. If it helped you, I'm just glad.

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Another way to solve it could be by using the Administration theme module (http://drupal.org/project/admin_theme) and force the use of the admin theme on the imce path.

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Found that chmod 755 on the sites directory and all the the sub-directories in the sites directory helps + adding imce* to the general settings of the client side validation module.

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Same as #25 here. Thanks David for pointing me in the right direction.

I'm using Bootstrap for my theme, which requires a minimum of jQuery 1.7. I was using the latest version (1.9.1) and none of the IMCE buttons were showing up. I reverted to jQuery 1.7.1 and they're back again!

As David said, make sure and check for any javascript errors!

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I'll add that what broke it in one case was a javascript error in another module. Checking Console for javascript errors after disabling js aggregation per @davidsparks in #25 allowed me to find and squash the imce-unrelated bug.

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Here are some related issues I found:

#359218: IMCE file upload button does not show
#1578130: CKeditor conflict (This is my problem)

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I had the same problem with links not showing up in the IMCE browser window. In my case the culprit was the module "External Link Extras" (module extlink_extra). After disabling it, all was back to normal.

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"External Link Extras" is also the culprit in my case. I need this module. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Version: 7.x-1.5 » 7.x-1.7

I, too, had to disable External Link Extras to restore the IMCE functionality. Has anyone figured out how to make these two modules play well together?

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Everyone solves the problem in a different way, in my case: I used the Firebug console to view javascript errors... I solved the bugs and I could see IMCE buttons.

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Problem solved for me, thanks jasonluttrell and justindodge! Using the dev version of External Link Extras.
#2082963: External Links Extra module must be disabled to restore functionality of IMCE module

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Updating extlink (7.x-1.x-dev 2013-Sep-06) and extlink_extra (7.x-1.x-dev 2013-Sep-14) worked for me as well to bring back the IMCE buttons and double-clickable files for selecting. Booyah! ;) Done, moving on...

Thanks @erdle, such a time saver. There is now an update to extlink_extra that no longer requires the module to be disabled/uninstalled!

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Encountered this issue after an upgrade of the equalheights module from 2.1 to 2.3. The dev version now includes a fix.

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Just make sure you have disabling (option) on External Links Extra.

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thanks for the tip dempoel. The conflict with External Links Extra was the issue for me as well. It's been reported and is now fixed in the dev version. https://drupal.org/node/2082963

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Issue summary: View changes

#17 i have a error on my js file, comented it and buttons come up again. Thanks.

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For me it was the IMCE Plupload module (7.x-1.2). Turning that off brought IMCE back to life. Which is odd, because I have used the two in the past and they have worked fine.

EDIT: Turns out the that the jQuery verison was set too high. I was using the dev version of jQuery Update which was set to 1.10. Dropping the version back to 1.8 solved the problem, and so now both IMCE and Plupload are working!

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@imperator_99 Thank You! #43 fixed same issue right off the bat.

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From the IMCE project page:

If IMCE has issues with your custom theme, use ThemeKey Module to set Garland (or any other non-conflicting) theme for *imce* path

This was the solution to hours of frustration. Remember, RTFM.

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Ran into this, was being caused by running a newer version of jQuery (1.9+) for our front-end theme.

We resolved this by adding jQuery Migrate.

We have a hook_js_alter() in our template.php that looks like this:

* Implements hook_js_alter().
function HOOK_js_alter(&$js) {
  if (isset($js['misc/jquery.js'])) {
    $jquery_path = '//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.0.min.js';
    $js['misc/jquery.js']['data'] = $jquery_path;
    $js['misc/jquery.js']['version'] = '1.9.1';
    $js['misc/jquery.js']['type'] = 'external';
    $js['misc/jquery.js']['group'] = -200;
  $js['jquery_migrate'] = drupal_js_defaults();
  $js['jquery_migrate']['data'] = '//code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js';
  $js['jquery_migrate']['version'] = '1.2.1';
  $js['jquery_migrate']['type'] = 'external';
  $js['jquery_migrate']['group'] = -200;

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I have this problem and is caused by "Plupload integration" module.

I've used patch from #2190007-2: "$.browser is undefined" for jQuery >= 1.9 and problem is gone

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Having the same issue.
It worked fine but an update to a module probably now causes this issue. I've tried the suggestions in this issue that seem to be most relevant. But to no avail.
I'm having to divert to using the media module to handle wysiwyg uploads.

The JS error i run into when I use Chrome's dev tools inspector is:

Uncaught ReferenceError: L is not defined imce.js?n7gcu9:124
window.imce.initiateList imce.js?n7gcu9:124
window.imce.initiate imce.js?n7gcu9:19
fire jquery.js?v=1.7.1:1046
self.fireWith jquery.js?v=1.7.1:1164
jQuery.extend.ready jquery.js?v=1.7.1:435

Hope this can be resolved! Thanks in advance.

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@threebutton in comment 45: can you elaborate how you defined this in the Themekey settings? As that module is almost impossible to configure....

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I also have the same problem here. But after i make change options in JQuery Update, then i found my problem is "Solved". I think Jquery Version 1.10 still buggy, but I don't know for sure.

Try to configure Default jQuery Version on jQuery Update to "1.7". And the make sure Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages to "Use the default" and jQuery compression level to "Production (minified)" and don't forget to make sure jQuery and jQuery UI CDN option on "Jquery". With this option my problem is gone. Thanks JQuery Update developper, I still like this module as part on my website (^_^).

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Thanks @nmpribeiro, your solution #27 solved my problem.

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I am continuing to have this problem after taking the steps outlined in #50. As I'm having to do a site re-build because of a corrupted database, I thought it was some mistake on my part. For this reason, I did another minimal install of Drupal, CKEditor, IMCE, JQuery, etc. so as to see if I could get the IMCE button to appear. Nope! At this point I'm fairly frustrated and hoping there is some way to fix this without having to start over yet again from scratch.

AlfTheCat’s picture

Hi Irene,

Have you tried to set your JQuery version to 1.8 and flushing the caches? I've struggled with this issue quite some time and for me moving to 1.8 was one of the steps. Also made sure to not use a CDN.
Also, if you use the chrome inspector, do you see any errors or warnings related to things like lightbox or other javascript stuff?

I feel you pain!

IreneKraus’s picture

I can try JQuery 1.8 to see if that provides some improvement. (Yes, I've been flushing the caches after any changes!) You mean JQuery CDN? Nope, not using that nor do I plan to. UPDATE: Nope, changing to JQuery 1.8 did not produce a noticeable change.
As to errors or warnings inside Chrome Inspector; no, I'm not seeing anything there either. I will admit I'm quite new to using Chrome as a development tool as I've been using the Firefox/Firebug combo for years. Would it show in the Elements tab area, along with the HTML/CSS coding?
Another point I should make, while I'm at it, is the fact that CKEditor is not showing all of the icons I've included within the toolbars themselves; let alone the one for IMCE. Although that *IS* the most serious issue! This is why I've been wondering if this isn't more of an issue with CKEditor itself, though this is the first issue thread I've found that includes discussion on IMCE icon issues in the toolbar.
Another point to make is that IMCE is available as it should be from within a tab in the Profile. At this point it appears impossible to activate it from within CKEditor.

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3.79 MB

Hi Irene,

It may very well be an issue with the CKEditor build indeed. As a result of my troubleshooting I did create a custom build of CKEditor, among other things. In my case there were several issues, the JQuery version, using a CDN for JQuery, lightbox javascript and finaly the build of CKEditor.

I've attached my custom build for you. I'd actually recommend flushing your caches as thoroughly as you possible can, including your browser's if the buttons still won't show up. By the way: are you using the CKeditor module or are you using the WYSIWYG module to work with the CKeditor library? I'm using the latter, I'm guessing you are too.

Note: you may have to rename the attachement back to ckeditor.tar.gz, as the Drupal uploader here changed the extension.

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I should post an update here, as I was just discussing this with some others involved in the nonprofit organization (user group) for one of the websites. In prep for that discusssion, I had 'deployed' a copy of this site as it was at the time from my test server out to the actual web server so they could see and interact with it as an aid in some of the decision making. I was amazed to find the IMCE button was visible with it now on the actual web server! Returning to the test server (XAMPP inside Win8), the button was gone again. Both were set to using the same version of JQuery and CKEditor stand-alone module. The only thing I can think of that was different about the two would have to be the PHP version in use.
Some of this is my own fault, because I didn't spend too much time on matching the test server configuration to that on the actual web server. As the base theme, I use Omega. Using that - in its current version - is going to require the addition of Drush and SASS into the test server. In previous tests, I had decided I need to change to using a VirtualBox install of Linux for the test server so as to better isolate that from Win8. However, figuring out how to setup a working test server setup in that manner quickly proved to be a bigger challenge than I had expected! So, I went back to what I had been using for the past 5-6 years (XAMPP in Windows) so as to get these sites rebuilt as quickly as I could while using the basic theme provided by Drupal.
In case I had not mentioned it in this thread previously, something corrupted the databases used on these sites during the month of June to the point they no longer worked at all. Still no clue as to what caused that, although it appears to have been a combination of several factors. In any case, my current goal is to get the sites rebuilt so they *ARE* working again before going back to figuring out what I'm doing wrong in the virual install of Linux.

AlfTheCat’s picture

Hey Irene,

The working setup for me is using the WYSIWYG (dev) module with the previously attached ckeditor library, setting jquery to version 1.8

Perhaps, since you mention the database corruption, it could help to emtpy the tables in your database that start with "cache_"?

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After about 3 hours of debugging #50 did the trick for me. Thanks!

marameodesign’s picture

Ok, I spoke too early - the buttons disappeared again after a few clicks.
I now seems to be solved with this hack of the sharethis module.

The Js error is not there anymore and the buttons re-appeared. Running Jquery 1.7

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#21 worked for me. Thank you!

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My experience with this issue:

I was also struggling to figure out why doesn't the upload/resize/etc buttons not showing up. I finally spotted a lonely JS error about parallax function. We use Parallax effects in our site and apparently IMCE was not happy about the initialization of the library. I wrapped the initialization with check for the parallax div element and it was all good.

if ($('#zone-paralax').length ) {
  // Config here

Hope this helps.

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I managed to do this to myself kind of... I added some css to my custom theme
a[name] { display:none } or something... and boom those buttons are gone. And for some weird reason IMCE is loading my theme in the admin.

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Just ran into this issue for the hundredth time. I keep forgetting that I always have to downgrade jquery update to 1.7. Can we add another item to the known issues section on the project main page explaining that there are issues with jquery update > 1.7 with the imce button in editors like ckeditor?

The fact that no error is shown when saving the ckeditor appearance page after dropping the imce button makes this really frustrating since it always looks like it worked - until you refresh and find the button is back to disabled.

Is this a "fixable" issue or does the fact that we're dealing with two third-party libraries (jquery and ckeditor) that may be at different versions at any given time mean that we just need to keep dealing with this case by case?

mpa3b’s picture

#27 helped me fine.

mattpap’s picture

I was working on my site today on this site, uploading photos and everything looked ok. Then all of a sudden, the buttons in IMCE disappeared. I swear I didn't do anything, like uploading a new module etc. I tried the solution proposed in comment 21 but it didn't work.

Maurice M.’s picture

This may look stupid, but the first thing that you might want to check, if that the button isn't on display none. IMCE loads your custom theme JS and CSS (I do not know why you would even want this to happen). In my case the button disappeared because there was a display none on the class form-submit in my own theme css. The same class is used on the upload button for the IMCE module..

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Just in case this helps anyone else, its worth a try, this switches the theme imce uses to the admin theme without the need for modules like themekey.

 * Implements hook_admin_paths().
 * Add IMCE to admin paths.
function mymodule_admin_paths() {
  $paths = array(
    'imce' => TRUE,
  return $paths;
sachin00700’s picture

This will occur because of your custom js conflict with IMCE

 * Implements hook_admin_paths().
 * Add IMCE to admin paths.
function mymodule_admin_paths() {
  $paths = array(
    'imce' => TRUE,
  return $paths;

This will help you out

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In our case the issue was caused by a javascript NOT being added to the header (of the imce popup) using drupal_add_html_head().
See https://www.drupal.org/node/2412933

VanessaM’s picture


After spending a whole frustrating day searching for the culprit of this problem, I disabled lightbox2, and it starting working again!

illusmoon’s picture

#67 works for me, thanks!

jmestres’s picture

FWIW, #53/#57 worked for me. Reverted to jQuery 1.8, stopped serving it from a CDN, and upgraded the WYSIWYG module to the dev version.

maduko’s picture

This just started on our site last week after several modules were updated and installing a Drupal core update.

Is the JQuery version still the issue?

sammarks15’s picture

I created a patch that includes the fix mentioned in #67 in this issue in #2357871-4: Permit IMCE to use the Administration Theme.

andykisaragi’s picture

Hiya, just to add to the various possible fixes here, I got around this by implementing hook_library_alter to force jQuery version 1.8 on the imce path, because 1. I didn't want to install themekey having had bad experiences on a previous project (down to the project rather than themekey, but still, I been burned) and 2. this particular site doesn't use a separate admin theme.

I just lifted the whole implementation of hook_library_alter from jquery_update.module, hardcoded the version to 1.8, removed any code which obviously only applied to higher versions and wrapped it in if(current_path() == 'imce'){ ... }

ssteigen’s picture

Commenting to confirm this issue, as I just ran into it myself. Disabling the jQuery Update module fixed it.

IreneKraus’s picture

ssteigen, Have you tried reverting the version of jQuery down to a v1.7 to see if this helped? It did provide some help for me, in that - within most updated browsers - the button does show up. I'm still having issues with getting ALL of the toolbar buttons activated in CKEditor to show up, but I believe that is more an issue with the CKEditor module itself and not IMCE. Sorry if that doesn't help!

madelyncruz’s picture

#67 works for me.. Thank you..

parashutiki’s picture

Thanks #17 It helps to find error in js script of custom theme

nerdoc’s picture

I found here that it is not working with a subtheme of the skeleton theme. With Garland and Skeleton itself everything is ok.

I found out that it was an error in the naming of the js object that drupal_add_js was adding to the pool. it was still named after the parent theme, and therefore could not be found.
Looking at the Js errors was a big hint here, thanks.

curt2199’s picture

I am having the same issues related to jQuery Update and running a version newer than 1.8. The problem is reverting to jQuery 1.8 (or any less than 1.9) breaks Views Exposed Sorts on my Bootstrap 3 theme. I did find two javascript errors when loading the File Browser page under my account.

Uncaught ReferenceError: mOxie is not defined(anonymous function) @ jquery.plupload.queue.js:428

Uncaught TypeError: $this.pluploadQueue is not a function(anonymous function) @ plupload.js:53

Update: Just realized I had the latest version of the plupload library installed and it wasn't being detected by Drupal even though is was able to detect the examples folder and tell me to delete that. I reverted plupload back to 1.5.8 and my buttons are back while also running jQuery 1.9.

sujay.php’s picture

Please check your "jquery update" module version. Try to revert it to drupal default version and then check. I had same issue and solved by changing jquery version from "jquery update" module setting.

Ankit Agrawal’s picture

#67 worked for me, Thank you.

zhilevan’s picture

When I switch to one of default themes the problem resolved and I see the top icons, and after I try
#67 ,

 * Implements hook_admin_paths().
 * Add IMCE to admin paths.
function yourmodule_admin_paths() {
    $paths = array(
        'imce' => TRUE,
    return $paths;

it cause IMCE consider as admin path.

karolus’s picture

Also, there may be another way things may seem broken with this module, when actually, it isn't.

If a site is set up with the Picture module (and uses CKEditor), and the Responsive images with Picture Module is checked, at least one Picture Mapping needs to be included in the CKEditor image dialog. If this isn't done, all that will happen when the image button in CKEditor is clicked is that the entire viewport grays out, and no indication of what's happening.

May be a good UX improvement if a some indication were given to a user on what's happening.

El Bandito’s picture

#67 worked for me.

teodyseguin’s picture

Just to share my experience on this one.. I had ckeditor and imce setup on my project, and then I am using the drupal seven theme as my administration theme and a child theme bootstrap, as the default. The upload, insert file, resize are missing, if I bring up the upload dialog. I followed one of the suggestion here. That was changing the theme and confirmed that it really is has something about it.

I changed my sub theme on using zen instead, and the problem did not occur again.

mr.hadimollaei’s picture

I had the same problem. In imce window I used browser console(firefox or firebug) to see what happens and what error acured. I see some problem like this:

TypeError: $(...).css(...) is undefined
var shift = '-' + (Math.ceil(($('.menu li').css('margin-left').replace('px', '')...

This is a function in dhtml_menu.js and I think it is not necessary for my site. I disabled it by add /* */ javascript comment tag and problem has resolved.

so I think all problem go back to some modules .js files. You should find and resolve it.

kenorb’s picture

Mistah7’s picture

Hi, I got this problem in a new site. I am using Bootstrap as a theme. I change theme to Bartik and the IMCE is working.

BUT I use Bootstrap in another site and the IMCE is working fine there.

So why not here I don't know (for the moment) .

Mistah7’s picture

And then I read this post: https://www.drupal.org/node/714810

And now it works in my new site too !

Thanks you josueValRob

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Check for js errors in imce popup..
I had the same problem, buttons were not showing.. For me the problem was custom js file.. When inspected imce popup in browser following error was showing: "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).multiselect is not a function". I went to the pointed custom js file and wrapped this function with:

(function($) {
//my jquery

this fixed my error and the buttons appeared :)
Hope this helps..

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37.54 KB

On the IMCE project page, in the Known issues section, the second bullet reads:

If IMCE has issues with your custom theme, use ThemeKey Module to set Garland theme for *imce* path:

drupal:path = %token
drupal:path:wildcard token * imce

I installed Themekey and added two rules exactly as they are listed above... and FIXED! Hooray!

sambot’s picture

On the IMCE project page, in the Known issues section, the second bullet reads:

If IMCE has issues with your custom theme, use ThemeKey Module to set Garland theme for *imce* path:

drupal:path = %token
drupal:path:wildcard token * imce

I installed Themekey and added two rules exactly as they are listed above... and fixed... sort of. For whatever reason, this forced both the public pages and all of the administrative pages to render in Garland. So here's what I ended up doing in ThemeKey:

First, for the File field:

drupal:path = imce-filefield/%

Basically, this is matching the first section of the URL path with imce-filefield and then whatever else comes after it is matched with /%.

This solves the problem for file/image uploads. The IMCE file browser used in the WYSIWYG editor (in my case, CKEditor) has a different URL path, so its interface is still broken. That one is simply:

drupal:path = imce

So far so good...

(This info also posted here.)

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Downgrading jQuery version solved the issue.

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This depends on the template. Change to Bartik and try again. Good luck.

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My issue was some other JS code conflicting and causing errors. Fixed the own custom JS and that also fixed the IMCE buttons issue. So my advice is to check the console log..

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Hi, I'm french and my english isn't good.
I use IMCE version 7.x-1.10 with CKeditor 4.6.0 in Drupal 7.52.
After two days to search where is the problem with buttons in IMCE, I found the problem with Sharebar module.
I hope to have help some people.

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@thmohd suggestion in #95 worked for me.

  • install jquery_update
  • go to admin/config/development/jquery_update
  • set Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages to your preferred version

Update: simply installing jquery_update seems to fix this issue (2.x or 3.x).

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Thanks Sambot #94

I installed Themekey and added one rule: drupal:path = imce

After that, it worked.

(the theme that i uses was Clean Corporate Theme 7.x-1.3)


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Just enabling jquery_update module worked for me. 1.10 was the default version at this time.

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Version: 7.x-1.7 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Status: Active » Fixed
Related issues: +#2357871: Permit IMCE to use the Administration Theme

Committed #2357871: Permit IMCE to use the Administration Theme
You can now use admin theme for IMCE.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.