I am newbie of Drupal. Now I am constructing my site with Drupal7 under following condition.

Drupal 7
Apache version : 1.3.39(unix)
PHP version :5.2.14

When I upload jpeg image with image field, Jpeg thumbnail is not displayed.
But GIF and PNG thumbnail is displayed without any problem.
I found that when I upload GIF or PNG, thumbnail data is generated in


But in the case of jpeg, thumbnail data is not generated.
Because of this problem I can not show jpeg thumbnail in my site at all.
Could you kindly advice me some solution. Thank you in advance.


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What is the extension of the file - jpg or JPG? Rename it to JPG (with capital letters) and try again. Is there any difference?

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I am having the same issue

Drupal 7.2
Apache version : 2 (CentOS Linux 5.6)
PHP version :5.3

PNG and GIF work fine. I tired all forms of jpg, jpeg, JPG and JPEG and none work. Any solution?

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In my case, the issue happened because GD library for jpeg support was not installed in my php. After installing it, jpeg was displayed without any problem.

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