Download zen-7.x-3.0.tar.gztar.gz 212.33 KB
MD5: e4d51192e0a9e7f31259494e3f06fc84
SHA-1: 71bc7434cf5c91c91fe7a6548d02e1ec9fef2be5
SHA-256: 698895f034bb23e63f86940fbb675e2d5f7437df8faea91e54e4f44dcf89a901
Download zen-7.x-3.0.zipzip 239.37 KB
MD5: be62ab4b992e6bdc1c860f468310d507
SHA-1: c278a10fb6bcabca5b7e6f8f1e291989ffd0a220
SHA-256: 161b8561164105236523985e2009ec088d4d9622cea8064b15bc5be90791b828

Release info

Created by: JohnAlbin
Created on: 5 Apr 2011 at 16:27 UTC
Last updated: 5 Apr 2011 at 16:31 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #774836 by hefox: Check if node $title is set before outputting
  • #992616 by JohnAlbin and adrinux: Comments in layout RTL stylesheets are incorrect
  • #822570 by JohnAlbin and AaronCollier: Add focus styling to tabs
  • #1092372 by JohnAlbin and davebv: Simplify pages styling
  • #1115330: Styling in ie.css is only needed for IE7 and earlier
  • #481952 by kdebaas and JohnAlbin: Add vertical rhythm to line heights and margins
  • #370419: Remove messages.css in favor of core's styling
  • #1102770: Installing Zen prevents Appearance page from loading on some systems
  • #835982 by JohnAlbin, mverbaar, marcvangend: Drush support for sub-theme creation
  • #1084504 by Crossfeed, komal.savla, Network and JohnAlbin: PHP Error when secondary menu or menu module is disabled
  • #1085422 by hswong3i: Highlighted region's machine name doesn't match core
  • #1082242 by joeyabbs: Maintenance page is missing span around site name
  • #1074822: Update fields.css to use new classes for fields in core
  • #1110842: Comment preview color is missing due to mis-targeted CSS rule
  • #1110650: Anonymous comment class is broken in core
  • #1079010: The secondary links heading, "Secondary menu", is wrong
  • #1078994: Move secondary menu links from footer to header
  • #1072302: Use element-focusable class for skip link accessibility
  • #1072268: Zen theme doesn't load RTL styles
  • #929630 by juan_g and akalata: URL for overriding stylesheets documentation has changed
  • #1069106: Update theme-settings.php to use Form API states
  • #950206 by n8tron, Mtro and JohnAlbin: Update README in STARTERKIT
  • #1053874 by n8tron and JohnAlbin: Update README in STARTERKIT/templates
  • #1064706: Use $variables instead of $vars to match D7 code snippets
  • #1067062: Remove duplicate classes (like node-type-TYPE) from node.tpl.php
  • #940882: $readmore variable is missing from node.tpl.php
  • #950538 by hswong3i: User pictures should use .user-picture class
  • #1066478: Add missing title prefix/suffix variables to comment-wrapper.tpl
  • #1066472: Render comments and form to see if headings are needed
  • #1066452: Remove STARTERKIT_preprocess() placeholder since it's expensive and rarely needed
  • #1066436: STARTERKIT_theme() no longer needs to call zen_theme()
  • #1066426: No longer need to force the search for region__ suggestions
  • #1066386: Region tpls need to check for $content before printing wrapper
  • #1046030: Tabs div is always rendered
  • #1064390: Allow easier modification of breadcrumb's header
  • #1053036: Update screenshot.psd source image
  • #1061794 by Scott J and JohnAlbin: taxonomy terms no longer get special treatment in node.tpl
  • #936912 by n8tron and JohnAlbin: feed icon has wrong css class
  • #841988 by linclark and JohnAlbin: #navigation .content rule not targeting anything
  • #978640 by marcvangend: Whitespace before comment causes jQuery error
  • #1063814: Remove count-X and region-* classes from block.tpl.php
  • #1046394 by n8tron and JohnAlbin: Add first and last classes to blocks
  • #1060122: Add missing $block_html_id to block.tpl.php
  • #948666 by danillonunes and JohnAlbin: Update block classes in blocks.css
  • #1045116: Add accessible title text to theme_breadcrumbs to match markup in D7
  • #555910: "Append title to breadcrumbs" option shows doubled titles on non-default tabs
  • #1044586: Fix "Rebuild theme registry" feature
  • #923382: Conditional stylesheets should use drupal_add_css()
  • #987916: Submitted by text doesn't use $submitted variable introduced in Drupal 7.0-rc1
  • #978810 by bellHead: Region-specific template suggestions for sidebar regions always use region--sidebar.tpl.php
  • #986290: $tabs displaying as string 'Array' due to change in theme_menu_local_tasks()
  • #814978 by scor: The name attribute in an a tag is not valid in XHTML+RDFa 1.0
  • #875528 by linclark: Theme registry rebuilt warning not linked to admin page
  • #780690: Notice: Undefined index: date in _zen_preprocess_comment()
  • #729144 by Frank Ralf: Update STARTERKIT theme-settings.php for Drupal 7
  • #563060 by seutje and JohnAlbin: Port Zen to Drupal 7


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