Hi John, all.
Code freeze for Drupal 7 core is almost upon us [Sep 1].
Moshe launched the Drupal 7 CX move to avoid the problem Drupal 6 faced, where there was a dearth of contrib modules when Drupal 6 was released.

A number of themes have also joined in

As one of the many users of Zen, I would like to have it ready for Drupal 7 ASAP.
Do you have any plans?
I pledge to test the port where I can.

Is there a roadmap for the 6-2 branch?


#13 zen-d7.patch25.58 KBfranz
#9 zen-to-7.patch25.06 KBseutje
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I'll also put my hand up to test a 7.x branch.

I'd also be nice to have a roadmap of where the 6.2 branch is headed. A while ago I found a todo list for 6.x-2.x but can't seem to relocate it (was it in the issue cue?).

The release notes on 6.x-2.x-dev This code is stable, but not well documented. haven't been all that true of late with major modifications taking place. Most of these seem to be flowing back from d7 work.

So I guess the question is will 6.2 have a realease pre d7 and will this release form the basis of the d7 branch?

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I can help with testing and can donate for the D7 port as well. Any chance it can be ported before Nov 1?

For quick reference, here's an overview of theming changes in D7:


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bumpity bump.

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I installed D7 today to play around with it. I also popped the Zen 6.x-2.x theme in to see what might be needed. I got as far as reading all of the theming changes related to the .info file region definitions and redefining them appropriately. I wound up with something looking like this:

regions[content]         = Content
regions[sidebar_first]   = first sidebar
regions[sidebar_second]  = second sidebar
regions[navbar]          = navigation bar
regions[page_top]        = content top
regions[page_bottom]     = content bottom
regions[header]          = header
regions[footer]          = footer
regions[help]            = Help

At that point you can at least have the theme available for enabling in the UI, but it looks like it will be a number of hours of work to get everything updated. I'm going to play around with it, but I'm also hoping one of the core Zen theme developers will decide to look at it as well.

Thoughts? Anyone else interested in actually doing some of the dev work? Would the authors consider forking a new -dev branch for 7.x to start the integration process?

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+1 to port to Drupal 7. I would be happy to contribute testing.

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Category: feature » task

I'm very, very close to releasing a 6.x-2.0-beta1. When I do that I'm going to create a DRUPAL-6--2 branch and move 6.x-2.x-dev to that branch. Then I'll create a 7.x-3.x-dev release node off of HEAD.

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That would be oh-so-nice. The architectural changes of late have been making a couple of my subthemes scream bloody murder ;-)

As soon as 7.x work is done on Zen, I'll work on spiffy-fying my other themes for 7.x... I can definitely help with testing.

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Ok. DRUPAL-6--2 branch has been created. 6.x-2.x-dev release node now points at that branch instead of HEAD.

And HEAD has been minimally updated so that the .info files use core = 7.x. And I've created a 7.x-3.x-dev release.

There's tons of stuff in Zen 2 that needs to be ripped out because its already in Drupal 7, so the 7.x-3.x-dev will be horribly broken until the port is finished.

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Status: Active » Needs review
25.06 KB

went over the base theme (didn't do starterkit) until I got it working properly, and removed some stuff that I know went into core now, like process stuff, clearfix and #341140: drupal_get_filename() when database is down, does not deal with phptemplate themes

I'm not sure how much you, John would like to keep these things as they are implemented by core and how many/which you would like to reform in what way or any of that stuff

with this patch, it should work properly and use the new core fancypants as it should be used, there might just be some things left where Zen druplicated (pretty much) exactly what core is already spitting out

oh btw, that build_mode stuff going on in zen_preprocess_node, is that still needed? core already provides it in $vars['elements']['#build_mode'] afaik

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev

Oh, excellent! A big fat patch! My favorite gift! (Well, besides beer.)

I'll take a look at this patch this week.

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ups I forgot version :(

Most was actually removing things that you implemented in Zen that ended up in core (or were these backports?) which made it relatively easy compared to other popular base themes I've been looking into porting

You'll most likely notice I did not eliminate _zen_path() as I don't know if you intended it to be replaced by drupal_get_path('theme', 'zen') everywhere or still serve as a wrapper around the static, also because I've found instances of drupal_get_path('theme', 'zen') but I just assumed it was already properly handling it in that context in D6

I'll probably be looking into this some more tomorrow as it's a holiday \o/
so I'll try to have a swing at starterkit as well

Don't worry, the beer will follow :)

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25.58 KB

Rolled the patch for the actual version

Converted to unix format as welll.

Will test soon.

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Subscribe! (With the intention to help when possible :-))

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Sorry, been busy. I will take a look at this patch in the next week. Thanks, guys! :-)

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I applied the patch in #13.


Zen is no ordinary theme. Had to make this change here:

template.php: $output .= drupal_get_content($region);

I also got PHP Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in drupal-cvs/includes/theme.inc on line 812

Think there's a change for variable types that's tripping that up.

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Title: Port to Drupal 7 » Port Zen to Drupal 7

(Adjusting the title because the tracker pages don't have another way show the project name.)

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Ok! I committed seutje's patch after making a couple of tweaks. Thanks, seutje! There was lots of good stuff in that patch.

I also spent a couple hours and made some additional changes that get us much closer to closing this issue.

Things are still not 100%. I didn't get a chance to review carefully the $classes_array stuff going on in template.php; there is probably a lot of duplication.

But we're way closer then we were before. yay!

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Also, a quick look at a test site shows that comments, tabs and main menu needs work.

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sweet, thanks! This will make it a lot easier to work on this

/me ditches his temporary repo copy

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I've got the latest CVS version of the theme and it looks better than the last time I looked at it. The template.php file changed but perhaps that was enough..

In comparing it with the Development version I noticed that there were some changes like:
- panels-styles.css was removed along with panels-layouts.psd
- none of the layouts have been added
- block.tpl.php & page.tpl.php has been overhauled
- views-view.tpl.php

But most of those seem pretty normal changes.

I did wonder if there would be interests in adding in some additional accessibility elements into this theme like Aria Live Regions - http://juicystudio.com/article/examining-wai-aria-live-regions.php

The suggested method is presently using jQuery - http://drupal.org/node/471444

I'm interested in seeing this theme evolve as it has become the standard for most developers I think.

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The panels stuff wasn't "removed" per se. It was just that I added it directly to the 6.x-2.x version. And, since there's no Panels 7.x version yet… http://drupal.org/project/panels

Ditto with views-view.tpl.php. Earl wants to see the mods I did go into Views 6.x-3.x (still in alpha), so that template will probably be removed from Zen later.

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That makes sense. I'm certainly looking forward to trying out this theme in a real environment and providing feedback soon.

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Updated most of the tpl files to track changes in Drupal 7 HEAD.

Also fixed #686840: Notice: Undefined variable: contextual_links on D7 Alpha 1

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thanks for posting that back to this issue, makes it a lot easier to keep track of things <3

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I just set up a Zen subtheme and when I go to admin/structure/block I get a bunch of warnings and there are no regions defined thus no blocks are assigned and they are disabled. Nonetheless I can see every block on my Drupal 7 page. Very strange!

The block Search form was assigned to the invalid region sidebar_first and has been disabled.

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A minor documentation oddity. I loaded drupal 7 and the current zen 7.x-3.x-dev but the README.txt is still the old one from drupal 6.
Also, the link to online docs in the description text:

"Zen sub-themes are the ultimate starting themes for Drupal 7. Read the online docs or the included README-FIRST.txt on how to create a sub-theme."

points to (http://drupal.org/node/226507) which is a page concerning zen and drupal 6.

same thing inside the Starterkit.info.txt file.

New but doing what I can.

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@Dan433 - this is definitely helpful! Keep pointing out any little things you find, and help us get Zen running awesome on D7... documentation is a great place to start :)

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Component: Miscellaneous » Documentation

I'm using Zen with the latest D7 alpha. I'm trying to use the 3c fixed layout per documentation, but the instructions to add the body id to page.tpl.php runs into a brick wall when I discover there is no body statement in that file.

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I've been kicking the Zen 7.x tires when porting Austin to D7. http://drupal.org/project/austin

Just fixed:
#814978: The name attribute in an a tag is not valid in XHTML+RDFa 1.0
#875528: Theme registry rebuilt warning not linked to admin page
#780690: Notice: Undefined index: date in _zen_preprocess_comment() (line 19)

And, yeah, sorry the docs are still D6 specific. :-p Patches welcome!

I probably won't get to updating the docs myself until after all the code changes are in. Unless someone contributes them!

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subscribe... (going to test this on upgrading a d6 zen-based theme to d7, will return when I have results)

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subscribe... (going to test this)

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Working on a gaming template in Zen for D7. Work is coming along nicely. I will post my findings here as I proceed.

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subscribing, will test

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Will upload first version this weekend if nothing goes wrong.

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Do we still need this issue open? Can't people file separate issues with bugs they find now that the D7 code base exists and works?

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I think in light of the 7.x-3.x-dev branch being public (see http://drupal.org/node/628464), this issue should be closed out - new issues, bugs and patches should be filed against that branch.

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I guess we shouldn't mark this as fixed until a beta/alpha/full release for 7.x is posted... That way we'll get many more eyes on the project, methinks.

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Edit, lol wrong post :-p

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Hubba hubba

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I agree, Zen is sexy. Subscribe.

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Has any progress been made on the 7.x documentation? I'd like to give Zen a spin, but I want to find an easier way to build a content-sidebar-sidebar design.

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Category: task » support
Priority: Normal » Minor

I'm wanting to learn Drupal, and Zen seems so ideal for making my own themes for a beginner; I was quite dismayed that my attempt to install it resulted in "zen-6.x-2.0.tar.gz contains a version of Zen that is not compatible with Drupal 7.x."

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sashafiero In Drupal, themes and modules are only compatible within the major release. Never try to use a 6.x theme or module with a Drupal 7 or Drupal 5. If you want to use Drupal 7 and the Zen theme you will have to use the Zen development releases 7.x-3.x-dev which is the latest version. I have used it on a live site and it works well. The only short coming I noticed was the documentation still needs work.

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Category: support » task
Priority: Minor » Normal

sashafiero, please be aware that when you choose a category and priority, you're changing it for the entire issue, not just for your comment. I'm setting this issue back to it's previous values.

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subscribe me ;)

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Subscribing, may help test if I have time. Can someone post a nutshell account of what stands between now and alpha/beta? I've got multiple themes that will need porting.

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I consider the templates complete. And I believe the preprocess/process functions are good to go too.

That just leaves the CSS files to go through. I know that blocks.css is fine because someone already provided a patch. Yayz!!!

I'm about to get on a plane for Drupalcon. But we can get Zen 7.x-3.0 released before the conference if Everyone here helps out.

  1. Download the latest -dev release (or better yet, use Git to clone the 7.x-3.x branch)
  2. Pick a CSS file to work on and look in the issue queue to see if anyone is working on it too. http://drupal.org/project/issues/zen?text=&status=Open&version=7.x
  3. Create patch with "Git diff > myzen.patch" (Or upload the whole file if you haven't learned Git yet)
  4. Now go check someone else's work and collaborate if you see additional changes are needed
  5. Celebrate

If I get this kind of help before Tuesday's start of Drupalcon I promise I'll make a release on Monday at the latest.


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Checking on the CSS files...

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subscribing to this awesomeness

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me also

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sub sub subscribadelphia

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subscribing, excited, scared & more excited (when i remember to change the scared bit ;)

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Was this in someone's presentation or something? I haven't seen this many subscribes in this short a time in quite a while.

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I think people are really ready to start working with 7 but they are waiting for a few key components before jumping. It's getting to the point where it is hard to start a new project in 6 because so much is ready to go in 7.

Luckily, I have a simple project on deck to be my first, next week. However, I'd prefer at least a beta for Views (now in alpha), and for there to be at least an alpha in Zen.

I know John said there needs to be work done on CSS. Is there a to-do list any more specific than that? I'm not seeing particular CSS issues in the queue.


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@Shai - it was my understanding that the -dev release was pretty stable, and there were only documentation fixes that needed to be made before a release.

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I've been using the -dev version and it seems stable. I recommend to use it and report issues.

I think what John meant in #63 is that everyone should pick a css file and port it to D7 (and say in the issue queue that she's doing it).

I've started with ie6.css (I know a tiny file) and, time permitting, will look into others.

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Component: Documentation » PHP code
Status: Needs work » Fixed
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Cross posting my recent D7 Zen 3.0 issue here too: I just updated to Zen 3.0 (D7) from 3.x-dev and my theme is still showing up but in the Apperance page I see this message: "This version is not compatible with Drupal 7.x and should be replaced."

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.