In Drupal 6, we were working around bugs/limitations of Drupal core so we had all sub-themes call zen_theme() from inside their hook_theme() implementations. This allowed Zen to do some work at theme registry build time.

In Drupal 7, we no longer need to do any of this hard-work. Its always been an awkward piece of code. Let's simplify and remove it. Since STARTERKIT_theme() would then be empty, let's remove it too.


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Since, there is no longer a hook_theme() placeholder in STARTERKIT's template.php, we should add some docs to mention hook_theme().

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Which is a good thing since Zen 2.x also lacks the documentation.
I will work on this right now.

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/me waits patiently for the patch. :-D

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Anything? :-)

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