Anyone tried to install Drupal on one.com (former b-one.com)? Can Drupal use prefix in datebases (tables)? On one.com you only have one database and I already have some things there that uses the datebase (with prefix) and I'm interested in finding out if the can coexist.

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Can Drupal use prefix in datebases (tables)?

Yes, prefixes are supported. You can set them in the 'Advanced options' part of the installer as 'Table prefix'.
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I am having a lot of problems with the .htaccess in one.com hosting space.
I spent all the day searching in these forums a solution, but none of them worked.
I tryed to comment ".htaccess" lines, to rename it, to convert it as .txt file, but I still have problems; in particular, when I try to upload images. Drupal allows me to upload them, but when I put images in the post I can't see them in the browser.


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I'm having the same problem.

I connect by terminal to the ftp and delete the .htaccess and used one from here, but i've the same problem. I can upload, but i can't see anything.

And if i use private mode (on drupal, for /files) it's the same...

Edit: Well, delete .htaccess at /files, and the problem disapear

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It works when you add the following lines to the htaccess file:
#Options -Indexes
# Options +?FollowSymLinks

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where do you add them in the file


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On One.com you cannot override the root Apache Options directives or you get a 500 server error.

Hence make sure you prefix all Options lines in your .htaccess files with a pound ('#') sign to deactivate those configurations.

Hope this helps!


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It certainly helps. I thought I was not a .htaccess noob, but I spent on hour on it without being able to solve the problem using the default Drupal 6.9 .htaccess on a One.com hosting account. That it was the .htaccess causing the error 500 became quickly obvious. One.com's log files are unfortunately not easily accessible, so I ended up changing random things in .htaccess to see where the problem was. But I never expected they would deny overriding these simple Option vars.

I restored .htaccess back to the default and commented out the two Option lines. No more 500's and Clean URLs worked smoothly.

Albert Kok

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Spent hours trying to sort this out, I had done it before but couldn't remember how, this work a treat!

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what about imagecache and views, did anyone get any problem at all?
also when i use garland in cache mode, my anonymous visitors will not get any css style which will make frontpage look empty
fyi, i'm using drupal 6.9

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Did you try clearing the cache? You can find the "clear cached data" button at the bottom of the form at "admin/settings/performance".

Also, cached data are stored in the database. Since One.com offers shared hosting the database can be pretty slow at times. If the CSS is also served from cache then you're probably dealing with a slow database link resulting in a HTTP timeout (and no CSS).

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Well I got these problems too now...
I did do the Options edit however..
The issue is the following...
My mom has some work from home thing
She bought space and domain with one com
And now Im trying to set up drupal with ubercart for her
Most stuff works but when I activate modules the site repsonds badly and usually doesn't make the changes

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Don't forget that One.com is a shared hosting provider. The PHP settings are now at 32MB (they were 16MB in earlier days), so don't exaggerate with modules.

Also, I noticed yesterday that I wasn't able to send mails from the default SMTP settings on One.com. I installed the SMTP Authentication Support module (which uses the PHP Mailer library - an extra download) and configured it to use the SMTP server from One.com instead. Now I can again send mails from within Drupal :-)

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I agree, the 32MB Limit is a bit of a pain. One can still use the ImageCache-module, but it is likely that it will not function properly on larger images due to the memory limit (I only use it for smaller images roughly 600 x 600px, using the GD Library which seems to be working).

The drupal SMTP mail however is working just fine for me using the basic settings, i.e. without PHPMailer.
(One.com may not be optimal for drupal, but you have to admire their 24h support, helped me getting my drupal site online around midnight)

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I have just migrated a Drupal 7 site to one.com , and I have to say it went perfectly.
The support was amazing, very knowledgble, helpful.
The site is pretty quick too.
The only problem I had was with the .htaccess file (guidance above), the ISP will also advise what to do if still stuck.
I would have no hestitation in using them going forward.
Most impressed