With Drupal 7, the node type "article" comes with a field_image to upload an image. When I create a "node--article.tpl.php" and remove print render($content); I can display the body texte with this <?php print $node->body['fr'][0]['safe_value'] ?> but how can I display the field_image?

That should be a simple thing to do but I'm looking for that solution for the past three weeks and the module contemplate didn't help.

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Drupal 7 introduces granular theming and renderable arrays which is a whole different ball game to Drupal 6.

So, instead of removing print render($content); we use the hide() function to remove the field from $content, and then the render() function to print our field somewhere else in the template.

For example lets assume we have an image field called field_image_captures:

First hide the field to prevent it printing out in $content:

  print render($content);

The we use the render() function and the field name to print the field somewhere else:

print render($content['field_image_captures']);

This is called "granular theming", because you can choose to hide just one or two fields, and print the rest of them in $content without having to remove the entire $content variable just to modify a couple of fields (the big pita of D6).

You can still use those hairy variables (aka $node->body['fr'][0]['safe_value'] bla bla bla...) to print fields, such as what Contemplate might show you, but you will do better to use Devel and dig into the $content array, for example if you have Devel module enabled you can simply place <?php dsm($node); ?> in the template to print out the node object in Krumo.

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That's a great answer Jeff, and you also gave me something the improve my way of theming. Thank you very much.

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This helped me tremendously. Thanks!

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That was really helpful. I am trying to print a field above the content. Let me be more clear. I am creating a news release - the format requires

My company name //field 1
News Release //field 2


Address Line 1 //field 3
Address Line 2 //field 4


I can hide fields 1 to 4 using hide($content['field_1']); format and render the content. But I need these fields placed before the content - in this case before the news body.

Further I have hidden the title at the top and that also needs to be placed above the rendered content in this format.

Any ideas?


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Know what, once I asked in the forum, I figured the answer myself . Here is what I did -


print render($content['field_news_caption1']);
print render($content['field_news_caption2']);
print render($content['field_address1']);
print render($content['field_address2']);
print render($content['title']);
print render($content['body']);

Now I have got everything to display as I wanted but for the title. Does title requires a special treatment to be displayed.


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Title is not part of the $content array so to access/print it just use

<?php print $title; ?>


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Great stuff. This is all a little new to me, so it's become a bit clearer because of this thread.

Regarding node page titles. I have a template "page--front.tpl.php". Can I use hide() to stop drupal from rendering the title of the page? If so how?

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catchlight, simply don't put the print $title :-)

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Hey Jeff, this is a great post, but what if your template does not have the $content variable? I have created two templates using page.tpl.php as a base file and that are made especially for two new content types I have created. I do know that I was able to dump out the $node and $page variables, but why won't your direction work? All I can do with those two variables is echo/var_dump the whole thing, not the specific fields I need. When you have a minute to help, thanks!

digibrill tic

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I had a problem with the same code in print.tpl.php

The field field_student_photo render uising the same code explained by you, but in theme Creative Responsive Theme 7.x-1.1 would not allow me to print the same field in the print--html-nodetype.tpl.php

I had used several other methods to display the same field in the print template, but not succeeded to show the image in print page.

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What I meant is that I cannot echo/print the parts of the $content var I need - because they do not exist.

digibrill tic

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Took me hours to understand why render() didn't work with my fields...

When using the module Fieldgroup to group custom fields dont forget to prefix $content with the group and the field then.

Example: having a fieldgroup group_fields_1 and inside a field named field_text_1 the right code to use in your node--your-content-type.tpl.php is:

<?php print render($content["group_fields_1"]["field_text_1"]); ?>

You have to eventually hide $content before with <?php hide($content); ?> or only your fieldgroup.

Hope it can help.

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Yeah, so true, the field group arrays are pretty massive, if you kpr($content) (requires devel module) you can more easily dig into them.