I'm trying to get Drupal 7.0 running in Windows Azure. I can install and configure Drupal in a VM, upload this VM to Azure, and the base configuration works fine. However, due to the nature of Azure, I can't rely on the hard drive for the storage of user defined content such as uploaded images. So here is my question...what exactly does Drupal use the hard drive for in regards to dynamic content (besides storage of uploaded files)? I believe I can get around the uploaded files problem by writing a custom module that saves and reads files to/from Azure Blob Storage, but are there other scenarios I need to consider?




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The Windows Azure App Companion is a tool that provides the capability of installing Drupal (or any other PHP application) on Windows Azure with a few clicks and solves the persistence problem by mounting a local file system on a Windows Azure blob. We have posted an article here (http://azurephp.interoperabilitybridges.com/articles/deploying-drupal-7-...) that will walk you through the process for configuring Drupal with the app companion. We are working hard at improving this experience and I look forward to your feedback here.

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Hi Craig,

We are trying out getting D7 on windows azure via scaffolding.But, we are facing some problems with it.

Is there any other alternative way to get D7 up on azure ?


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