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Each Migration implementation needs to create a destination object - a subclass of MigrateDestination (or its subclass MigrateDestinationEntity) - representing the Drupal object to be created during migration. Most destination classes accept an options array, containing settings which affect how the destination is constructed.

The MigrateDestination classes will also call handlers (subclasses of MigrateDestinationHandler) to process destination objects and the fields. See the handlers doc page for more information on the handler classes.

When using the Migrate Extras module, a number of extra destination handlers are provided. This module also makes it possible to specify a custom entity as a destination through MigrateDestinationEntityAPI.

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Support for some additional destination fields are provided by Migrate Extras and by the field modules themselves:

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Need some documentation for MigrateDestinationTable

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There is documentation on how to create a custom source class, but no documentation on creating a custom destination class. In my case, I've got some OOP entities in Drupal that are not part of the Drupal API, and I need to migrate data to these classes. I'm going to pull apart some of the existing destination classes to try to find out what to do, but some documentation would definitely have been helpful.

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Did you happen to make any progress defining a custom destination class?

I have an ECK-created custom entity and bundle, but can't sort out how to define the destination class. So far I have changed the above template so ENTITY_NAME, ENTITY_BUNDLE_NAME and ENTITY_BASE_TABLE have my custom entity. But I migrate doesn't seem to see the destination.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, so any help would be appreciated!