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What's new on - January 2018

Drupal's 17th birthday, new initiatives proposed in collaboration with Core, a revamp of the hosting marketplace, and much more were accomplished this past month.

What’s new on - December 2017

A new license program for DrupalCon, an analysis of developer tooling, and updates to membership tools - all these and more were new in December.

Developer Tools Initiative - Part 4: What's next?

How will the Drupal Association engineering team implement developer tooling improvements in 2018? Read on to find out.

Developer Tools Initiative - Part 3: Illustrating modular integration for Developer Tooling on

How might a hybrid integration of and a third party tooling provider look? This illustration provides an outline of what might be possible.

Developer Tools Initiative - Part 2: Comparing our options

Improvements to our tools are an opportunity to remove friction to changes, increase the quality of changes, improve velocity of changes, and make contributing to Drupal delightful.

Developer Tools Initiative - Part 1: An update, and where we stand

The initiative to improve's developer tools is part of a broader effort to broaden the reach of Drupal, not just to end-users and evaluators, but to a wider audience of developers as well.

What's new on - November 2017

In November we clarified some key questions about Drupal's licensing policy, launched the new DrupalCon brand, and worked on our member directory.

What's new on - October 2017

In October we added composer instructions to release pages, planned friendly urls for issues, and made small but significant improvements to the community section and the forums.

Shortcuts and Friendly URLs for Issues

Drupal developers have been shouting node id numbers across tables at sprints for almost 15 years now. The Drupal Association has added some shortcuts and friendly urls for issues to make this a little easier.

What's new on - September 2017

The team is back from DrupalCon Vienna with some great updates for the month.


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