Drupal is one of the largest open source communities in the world. Each year Drupal.org and its sub-sites serve millions of visitors, and thousands of active contributors. It is one of the largest continuously operating Drupal sites in the world. And because of that, it has 15 years of legacy content and features. At this scale, it's impossible to make real improvements to Drupal.org without a prioritized roadmap, focusing on a few, high impact features at a time. This is our roadmap.


- Initiatives with this icon were proposed by the community.
- Initiatives with this icon are prioritized because they represent critical support or maintenance work.

Q2 2017

Scoping and project planning for the developer tools revamp
Subtree splits of Drupal Core are available to Composer
Investigate building tools to help site builders

Q3 2017

Feature supporting partner and top-marketplace contributor case studies on the home page
Provide hosting information on the Drupal Industry Solutions pages
Promote membership on the Download & Extend page
Automated credit for maintainers
Provide security advisory coverage information in Composer meta data
DrupalCI: Add coding standards results
On-boarding infrastructure support vendor

Q4 2017

PCI Compliance Review
Make Drupal.org an authentication provider for 3rd party sites and services
Support maintainer/committer sustainability
Developer tools enhancements for Drupal.org
Javascript docs for Drupal are available on *.drupal.org
DrupalCI: Replace deprecated phantomjs with headless chrome js testing
Evaluate new community initiatives

Q1 2018

Developer tools enhancements for Drupal.org
Support the core initiative for Automatic Updates in Drupal
Gather data about the Drupal ecosystem from updates statistics
Work with core to support site builders continue to use Drupal without command line access
Evaluate new community initiatives

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Maintenance & Sustenance

Always present alongside our roadmap for improvements to Drupal.org is the maintenance work that sustains the services that the Drupal community depends on. The Drupal Association is responsible for Drupal.org and its sub-sites, as well as a number of key services that scaffold the Drupal project itself.


Site Description
www.drupal.org The primary home of the community, and the host of Drupal core, contributed projects, the issue queues, documentation, support resources, and more.
api.drupal.org Automated api reference generated from the Drupal codebase.
assoc.drupal.org The home of the Drupal Association, and our membership system.
events.drupal.org The Events site hosts DrupalCon.
groups.drupal.org Groups is a place for the community to collaborate around local user groups, interest groups, and initiatives.
jobs.drupal.org The Drupal Jobs site provides talent for Drupal companies, and employment opportunities for Drupal developers.
localize.drupal.org Translations for Drupal are managed and centrally hosted on localize.Drupal.org.
security.drupal.org The Security site allows the security team and affected project maintainers to securely resolve reported security issues, before those issues are publicly disclosed.

Core Services

Service Description
Code Repositories We maintain the git repositories that host all of the projects on Drupal.org (including Drupal core itself).
Code Viewing We use cgit and drupalcode.org to provide web based code viewing into our repositories.
Updates We provide the updates.xml feed that is consumed by Drupal sites to provide notification of available updates.
Identity We use the Bakery module to synchronize account data between www.drupal.org and all of the sub-sites.
Testing DrupalCI provides automated testing for Drupal core and contributed projects.
Composer The Drupal.org Composer Façade translates project meta data into the packages.json format that allows developers to use Composer to manage Drupal projects.
Search We maintain SOLR indexes for Drupal.org search.
Pre-production Development and staging environments for Drupal.org and its sub-sites.
Loghost Our centralized logging and introspection server.
Camp Archives We host archives of camp websites from the community on Drupalcamp.org.
Drupal Store - Deprecated Drupalstore.org offers Drupal themed merchandise, the proceeds of which support the Drupal Association.

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The Drupal.org Roadmap is updated by the Drupal Association staff with the input from the community and the Drupal Association Board. The roadmap is reviewed on a quarterly basis. To keep up with this work, visit the initiative issues listed, subscribe to our change notifications, and follow @drupal_org on Twitter.