This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides a UI for site builders to quickly and easily search for and install modules and themes from within the admin area of their site. This is similar to how WordPress works.

The reasoning behind this project is to lower the barrier for new Drupal users to quickly and easily find and install modules and themes on their sites, without needing to know how to use Drush or using the current process of searching for a module on, downloading it, unzipping it, uploading it to the correct directory, and finally enabling it.

The future goal of this project is to someday be included as a part of Drupal Core so that new users will be able to immediately start installing modules after they set up Drupal.

To see a demo, watch here:

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Note: We are now using a different server than, until such time as we can get Project Browser Server deployed to To help push that effort along, please add your voice here: The current server is basically a 'mirror' of what is on The release and project data is scraped from and updated daily.

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