All of the initiatives for ultimately come from the needs of the community. Most of those initiatives are based on our user research and strategic planning for the website and infrastructure, conversations with core maintainers, the advice of key community members, or input from the board of directors. However, other initiatives are put forward directly by small teams of community members, especially when those community members are willing to be a part of implementing the initiative and driving it forward.

There are many kinds of initiatives: many involve code contributions to create or refine features of, but others are focused on content, such as documentation, or other non-code contributions.

The initiatives below represent all the community initiatives that have been proposed. The current work can also be found rolled into the main Roadmap. The initiatives for Consideration next quarter will be evaluated for inclusion among our next priorities. Accepted work will be prioritized, and work we cannot accommodate right now may be postponed, or rejected. An archive of completed work can be seen below.


Issue(s) Staff Liaison

For Consideration Next Quarter

#2533804: Create 'Support' Section




Issue(s) Staff Liaison
#2551607: [meta] Path forward for Composer support hestenet
#2666584: [Community Initiative Proposal] Project Applications Process Revamp Drumm
#1673278: Implement User Enhancements on and port Dreditor features Drumm
#2522024: Build a * site for the User Guide and possible future books Drumm
#2534132: Disable Legacy Testbots and use drupalCI as our testing infrastructure mixologic
#2239973: Deploy two-factor-authentication on drumm
#1412130: Use Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation on drumm

How initiatives are prioritized

Successfully carrying an initiative to completion requires close coordination with the Drupal Association Staff. Association staff follow careful design and engineering principles for all the work that gets deployed to the * sites. For content related initiatives we want to ensure that the initiative coheres with the content strategy and product vision for Even simple code contributions to a site as highly trafficked and complex as can have a big impact, and as such we need to work closely with any community initiative to set the planning and architecture for the feature, all the way through development, code and security review, and eventual deployment. If you would like to learn more, please review our prioritization criteria

Our commitment to you

Once a community initiative is prioritized into the Current section of the Roadmap, Association Staff will provide a dedicated staff member to act as the architect and initiative lead in cooperation with the community team for any community initiative - to ensure that communication remains open and the community team has the access and information they need to work in the right direction.

That staff liaison will meet with the community team on a monthly or biweekly basis (as appropriate to the scope of the project and the availability of the community volunteers involved), throughout the execution of the initiative. When the work is complete, we will review it for deployment within a quarter of the work's completion, if not sooner.

Depending on scope some initiatives may take up to 6 months to complete, whereas others may take only weeks. Regardless the process is time consuming for both staff and volunteers, and means that Drupal Association staff can typically only support 1-2 community initiatives at a time. On the other hand, if you are interested in working with us to support an already prioritized initiative, we always appreciate the help of volunteers.

Filing a proposal

In order to propose a community initiative we ask that you use the button below to file an issue with our Community Initiative template. This will allow the wider community an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposal. Drupal Association staff review these proposals on a monthly basis, and reach out to the reporters with any questions, and to let you know whether the proposal is prioritized, postponed, or rejected(and if so, why).

File a proposal

Please note: In many cases there may already be an issue that has been well-vetted by the community. In those cases, please update the existing issue to include the issue summary fields from the template above, and use the "community initiative" issue tag.

Volunteer time

Do you want to contribute to, but would like guidance on how to do it?

Volunteer your time

The Roadmap is updated by the Drupal Association staff with the input from the community and the Drupal Association Board. The roadmap is reviewed on a quarterly basis. To keep up with this work, visit the initiative issues listed, subscribe to our change notifications, and follow @drupal_org on Twitter.