Theming HowTos

Theming HowTos for Drupal 7.

Change the favicon

In web development, you can provide a small logo for your site that appears near the address bar and in the bookmarks folder in a visitor's

Clearing floats with class="clearfix"

Many HTML layouts require floats to be cleared so they don't interfere with content below them. This can be done by setting the 'clear'

Convert any website layout or template into a Drupal theme - easily!

Theming for Drupal is not actually as hard as you may think. Certainly there are more advanced areas of theming possible with Drupal, which

Create a Views event list grouped by month

Views has a feature called grouping, which allows you to split a list of results into arbitrary categories. Basically, if several items fall

Create a new custom theme with CSS alone

In Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, there are many improvements in core that make it easy for CSS web designers to create themes without having to

Customize Drupal User Profiles with CiviCRM Contact Fields

Drupal's user profile page or user's account page in its OEM form seems somewhat bland when compared with the rest of Drupal and it also

Customize the User Edit page in Drupal 7 - an example

Quick Intro

Customize the front page template

If you want to layout your front page dramatically different from the rest of your site, you can define a whole other template just for that

Customizing core and/or contributed themes

Core and contrib themes are nice as they provide a site theme with no coding at all. However, it's rare that these themes are exactly what

Enable submit via Enter key on Ajax forms

See first comment for alternative method.

How to edit ALT tag on your site logo

By default, users don't have control over the Alt text that gets used with their site logo. To write a custom Alt text for your logo, you

Overriding Theme Templates in Drupal 7

Adding additional preprocess functions inside existing preprocess functions

Put an HTML non breaking space ( ) in menu items titles

Adding HTML like   to menu titles can be helpful when you want to prevent menu titles which contain spaces from automatically wrapping

Rounded Corners in Drupal 7 (jquery corner)

This is a short and painless intro into generating lovely rounded corners for your divs in Drupal 7.

Show a block depending on node type and node id

The following snippets allow you to configure a block to be shown or hidden depending on node id (nid) or node type. You can modify the

Static and Dynamic Thumbnails for Facebook

We wanted to declare a specific version of our logo as available when sharing to Facebook from a site, but also to retain the ability to

Style a horizontal login block in the footer

It's quite simple to restyle the standard user login block so it appears all on one line. You can then put it your footer, and it's out of

Theming Web-Form

This is one of the finest technique I found so far to theme webform form. In fact, it could be used for any form generated through Drupal

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