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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Advomatic started with Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Founding partners Aaron Welch and Adam Mordecai met when they worked together to develop Dean’s groundbreaking, web-enabled campaign, which included the creation of the web-based volunteer management system ‘DeanSpace’ (later known as CivicSpace).

Aaron and Adam shared the common goal of creating a system that would enable good causes (like progressive advocacy groups, labor unions and educational and government institutions) to make an impact on the web. So, after collaborating on Howard Dean’s campaign they decided to move into web development using Drupal – and Advomatic was born.

Advomatic has since become the premier provider of open source Drupal Development for progressive organizations. We create highly scalable public-facing websites for organizations that need to communicate and collaborate with their constituents and members.

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Drupal contributions

Advomatic has always been a central contributor to Drupal. Our staff have devoted hundreds of hours into the open source CMS to develop the Drupal core and infrastructure. Since 2004, our staff has contributed 93 modules and over 8,200 commits.

Projects supported

Yumpu, Test Entity Flag, Entity Reference Unpublished Warning (ERUP Warning), Field reference delete, File Entity (fieldable files), Variable Cleanup, 443 Session, Sunlight Congressional Districts (with optional CiviCRM integration), Embed Views Display, Contact Importer, Multisite Login, Multisite API, Multisite Maintenance, CiviCRM Error Handler, Embedded Media Field, Media

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months