This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Multisite Login allows a user to login to all sites in a multisite configuration, even though the multisites do not share domain names.

For example:

NOTE: if you are using several sites on the same domain (ex.,,, etc.), then you do not need this module. The multisite functionality in Drupal core has the ability to share logins for sites like these without additional modules.

This module was designed to be an alternative to the singlesignon module but using a technique that does not block search engines from accessing your websites.


You must be:

  • Using a multisite installation.
  • Using a separate database for each site (no table prefixing, though the code could be modified to allow for this, patches welcome).
  • Share the users table across all sites (If this is not you, what are you hoping that this module will do for you?)
  • You need to install the Multisite API module.

See the README.txt file for more information.

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