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This page is a work in progress which details the results of prior usability testing of Drupal core.

Why usability testing?

Usability testing allows us to uncover issues which otherwise get unnoticed. The participants of the usability test represent our "real" users doing "real" tasks. The intent is obvious and simple: to make Drupal easier to use. Also, usability testing is the second most-used evaluation method and has the most impact on making products better.

The learning curve with Drupal is a steep one and we need to work on making this a smoother road. Agreed, this is easier said than done, but we need to start trying to fix things one at a time for a more usable Drupal 8, for the emerging Drupal market and for you. You could be a cool programmer, creative designer, or a smart consultant working for Drupal: the list is endless. There is a benefit for each one of you in making this initiative a success.

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