Drupal usability test results

Results of the Drupal usability tests conducted so far.

Authoring experience: Known problems

In general people expect a much richer user experience around content creation than Drupal offers, much of the functionality that people

UX issues in Drupal 6 and how we tried to fix them in Drupal 7

Previous findings on UX issues in Drupal 6 and improvements in Drupal 7.

University of Minnesota 2015

Just before Twin Cities DrupalCamp 2015, a group of Drupal contributors participated both in-person (@LewisNyman, @Bojhan, @webchick,

Google UX Study 2012 Detailed Results

For a full understanding of how this study was run, consult these links:

University of Minnesota 2011


University of Baltimore 2009

Drupalcon Washington DC: Testing results slides

University of Baltimore 2008

News announcement UB testing results UB Usability testing slides

University of Minnesota 2008

Drupalcon Boston: UMN Usability testing results slides Usability test plan

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